Saturday, October 10, 2015

Conservative Voice Radio: The Red Flag of Socialism

Host Douglas V. Gibbs, and members of the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party will be on the air at 8:00 am on KMET 1490 AM.  Here are the topics:

- Guest Joseph in the Studio to talk about his experiences in Communist Cuba. . . Joseph is a refugee from Cuba, and now a patriotic American.

- Gun Control Advocates kick into High Gear after Umpqua shooting in the State of Oregon. . . President Barack Obama's visit to Oregon not received so well.

- In the Etiwanda School District a fireman and military veteran voiced his concern about a pro-gay book being used in his child's Kindergarten Class.  When I went to look up the video of his comments, Google went pro-gay on me, crossing out any words that referred to the parent, or the Etiwanda School District. . . as if they are trying to hide any dissent against the homosexual agenda.

- Russia is in Syria, Russia is in the Mediterranean, and Russia is in Crete.  However, what would have been a war crime if Bush was President, goes unnoticed when American forces strike a hospital in Afghanistan.

- The Democrat Party has adopted the socialist platform.

- The Netanyahu Speech to the United Nations General Assembly was one for the ages.

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