Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Florida College Bans Pledge Of Allegiance

by JASmius

Isn't it amazing how all that has to happen for any patriotic or God-fearing Christian symbol or ritual to be outlawed is for one person to complain about it "offending" their tender sensibilities, but let one person complain about his/her sensibilities being offended by, say, Barack Obama's mug on the American flag, or homosexual "couples" being all over each other in full public view, or "unigender" public restrooms, and he/she disappears and is never heard from again?

Why isn't Hillsborough Community College being angrily denounced for buckling to blatant Ameriphobia instead of firing and expelling these malcontents?

Besides here, of course:

A Florida college in Tampa has banned the Pledge of Allegiance after some students, faculty and staff said it made them feel uncomfortable and violated their “academic freedom.”

Hillsborough Community College’s Institutional Advisory Committee took the action, it seems, more from a lack of enthusiasm about the time-honored ritual of patriotism than from anger or specific protests. Students also complained that it took too long to perform.

But HCC students who served in the military said they felt dishonored and insulted.

"I'm serving our country and my dad and my grandfather did, too,” said student Angela Brown. “I think it's messed up.”

Indeed it is.  The underlying hostility to country is day-glo obvious as a hairlip without the angry protests.   But these animals are evidently so lazy that they can't be bothered to muster that much energy, to say nothing of the ten seconds or so it takes to recite the Pledge, the smidgeon of strength it takes to put and hold their hands over their hearts, or simply the patience it takes to stand quietly until everybody else's recitation is concluded.  No, they have to force their preference for not being bothered with such "arcane rituals" on everybody else and deny them their opportunities to express their love of country that is, at HCC, anyway, no longer to be tolerated or permitted.

Pity these "students, faculty, and staff" can't be deported somewhere where they might actually learn the meaning and value of those words they're too slothful to utter.  And then never be allowed repatriation, the better to appreciate the freedom and liberties they'd permanently forfeited.

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