Thursday, October 22, 2015

Here Comes Border Crisis II

by JASmius

And every tsunami of Latin American "migrants" will create less of a public reaction, until it fades into the "fundamental transformation" background as part of the "New Normal," mark my words:

Border Patrol agents are reportedly seeing a surge in unaccompanied children and families illegally crossing into the country along the southwest border, with numbers last month nearly double the level of September 2014.

The Washington Times, citing statistics released by the Border Patrol, reports 4,476 children traveling without parents, and 5,273 parents and children traveling as families.

"We’re talking about the rule of law in other countries; we’re not enforcing the rule of law in this country," Chris Cabrera, an official with the National Border Patrol Council, the labor union for line agents, testified to the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, the Times reports. [emphases added]

That, Mr. Cabrera, is because there is no "rule of law" in this country to enforce.  There is only the rule of Obama, and that DOES get enforced, and with extreme prejudice, against those who dissent from official Regime policy.

You know how the process works from the above.  The Border Patrol knows it.  The White House knows it.  The illegals know it.  Is there anybody, aside from GOP political consultants, who don't?:

Central American families and children caught at the border are given papers setting court dates, but are then released into the United States; the Times reports illegal [alien]s refer to the papers as permisos, or passes, because they grant tentative permission to be in the country while awaiting their court hearing.

"In Border Patrol circles, that paperwork is now known as the 'notice to disappear' — 80%, 90% of those folks will not show up for that hearing," Cabrera testified, the Times reports.

And that's almost certainly an understatement.

A year and change ago this was a big deal.  This time not so much.  And soon, nobody will notice, because We the People will have become acclimated to our country, our economy (what's left of it among the desiccated remains), and our culture being taken away from us, and the supplanting of U.S. citizens by its new squatter residents.

So much for the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Exit question: How long until American refugees start streaming into Canada from Amerexico?  Surely Boy Trudeau has to take them in, right?  At least the non-white ones, anyway.

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