Monday, October 12, 2015

Jerry Brown Enshrines "Gun-Free Zones" In California

by JASmius

I know, I know: "You mean, all schools in the Acupulco Golden State weren't 'gun-free zones' already"?

Well, they will be shooting galleries now:

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill banning concealed weapons from California schools and universities, a measure that drew renewed attention after a recent massacre at an Oregon community college.

Which was, of course, an advertised "gun-free zone".

SB707 by Democrat Senator Lois Wolk of Davis will prohibit people with concealed weapons permits from carrying firearms on school and college campuses.

People who have concealed carry permits would be allowed to carry firearms within 1,000 feet of a public or private K-12 school, but not on the grounds.

And, therefore, every student in every school on every level in the State of California will now be defenseless, unprotected, fair game, and easy pickings for as many active shooters as want to bag a pile of children and fifteen minutes of fame.  Because there will be nobody and no means of stopping them or deterring them.

And what was the particular impetus for SB707 besides the Left's gun-confiscation fetish?  The need to be seen as "doing something" after the recent Umpquah Community College massacre.  Even though that atrocity was enabled by the very measure that California Dems have now mandated throughout their State.  And even though it wasn't guns that killed multiple, specifically Christian students, but the Christophobic (and probably Muslim) young man who repeatedly pulled the trigger.

Ask yourselves this question, folks: Why is it that you never hear of active shooting incidents in places like, for example, Texas?  And when they're attempted, they invariably backfire?

It just reiterates that "gun violence" is just a pretext for the gun-grabber crowd.  They could care less if entire schools are shot up and body bags pile up to the gymnasium ceiling.  That's a price they're more than willing to pay to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Although it does need to be mentioned that, constitutionally speaking, the States can restrict gun rights all they want, because the Second Amendment only applies to the federal government.  So California has the Original Authority to endanger its citizens to its flinty little collectivist heart's content..

And when that State is overrun with gun atrocities, will any voters outside the Gibbs pocket start connecting those dots and recognize the need to reverse direction on gun control like every other issue?

I hope y'all aren't counting on it.

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