Friday, October 30, 2015

Man vs. Food: Get Ready For the Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Burger

by JASmius

If only this burger had come along five years ago before Adam Richman lost those fifty pounds.  I'd have been fascinated to see his reaction to what may ostensibly be the ultimate example of "two great tastes that taste great together".

Although I have to admit that at first glance, anyway, I'm not so sure about this combination.  We've seen bacon on maple bars (MvF season one, Portland, OR episode, Voodoo Donuts), which is now a staple in every supermarket bakery. a bacon cheeseburger using a Krispy Kreame doughnut in place of a bun (MvF season two, Baseball Special episode), and a cheeseburger with cheese injected into the patty (MvF season one, Minneapolis episode, the "Juicy Lucy").  My jury is still out on the Reece's peanut butter cups as toppings along with the onion rings and bacon, but chocolate spurting out of the middle of the patty?  It's possible to like individual tastes and still have them not belong together.

And then add ketchup and/or mustard and/or barbeque sauce?  Aren't some of those condiments also sweet?  Just seems weird.

One thing you can't call this sandwich is a "palate-cleanser," though.

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