Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Muslim Invasion Reviving Danish Nationalism

by JASmius

Why is it that American leftists are endlessly pining after the socialist welfare hovels of Europe, but those same socialist hovels of Europe, when confronted by an illegal alien invasion, react quickly and sensibly by closing their borders and denying the "migrant" influx their national gravy trains, unlike American leftists who refuse to learn that lesson?

Denmark is the latest example of a return to "xenophobia" and "nativism" and "racism" - and nationalist sanity:

Denmark, which earlier this year slashed benefits for asylum seekers, said Monday it is making it more difficult to acquire citizenship in the Scandinavian country.

Acquiring Danish citizenship is something very special, and therefore it also reasonable that we now raise the bar for when a person can call themselves a Danish citizen,” Integration Minister Inger Stojberg said in a statement. [emphasis added]

Really, Inger?  Wow, I guess acquiring American citizenship ain't worth crap, judging by how Barack Obama has completely devalued it.

Those wanting to become Danish nationals will have to meet tougher requirements on language skills, and be financially self-sufficient for four years and six months of the past five years, up from the current two years and six months.... [emphases added]

Can you imagine any Democrat supporting such policy changes?  Can you imagine any Republican supporting such policy changes for fear of how the Democrats would destroy them for it?

Under the new rules, which came into effect in September, an asylum seeker without children receives 5,945 kroner (797 euros, $882) per month in benefits, almost half the 10,849 kroner they previously received.

Single parents arriving from a non-EU country receive 11,888 kroner per month compared to the previous 14,426 kroner.

Cutting welfare goodies by more than half!  I didn't think that was possible in a European socialist welfare hovel.  I know it's not possible in the good ol' U.S. of A.

So why have the Danes "gone viking" on their Muslim invaders?  Part of it is that they want to lessen the latter's incentive to pour into their country.  Part of it is that their country (and economy) is so miniscule that they don't have the luxury of indulging in fantasies about forfeiting their culture and taking in unlimited numbers of "immigrants" of any sort.  On the other hand, Germany did a few weeks ago, and that delusion lasted all of five days before Berlin was bludgeoned out of it by inescapable reality.

That's where the size of our country is proving a fatal disadvantage, because we've got so much "elbow room" and, until the past seven years, had a "golden goose" economy that seemed without limit.  Consequently, the same factors that the Danes and other EU countries are being forced to address quickly aren't being addressed here at all, which means that the eventual collapse - sooner rather than later, rest assured - will never be seen coming and will gobsmack everybody other than those of us in the political wilderness who've been warning about it for years and years, to no avail.

It'd be nice if the American people were capable of "going viking" like the Danes.  But I suspect that that ability for neonationalism and sanity has been voted out of us.

Next November will tell the tale.


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