Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Trump Ad Features....Bill Clinton

by JASmius

Yeah, it's a web ad, and it isn't very long - not even ten seconds - and Mr. Bill didn't specifically cut it for the Trump campaign, but the latter cut and pasted these complimentary comments of the forty-second president towards Trump.  But....why would a man who is pretending to be a Republican, running for the Republican presidential nomination, who has been a life-long liberal Democrat up until about ten minutes before he jumped into this race, and who has made a point of tapping into Tea Party rage as his primary electoral propellant, go out of his way to play up the nice things his presumptive general election opponent's spouse, and one of the most hated opposition figures in the minds of most Republicans over the age of forty, has to say about him as an appeal to those very same voters?  Or is this an open, public attempt to see if there is anything Trump can do that could damage his (co-)frontrunner status?

If the latter, let him put it on TV.  THEN I might believe that Trump "has-a ball about-a theese big".

Bill Clinton wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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