Thursday, October 08, 2015

NFL Week 5 Kickoff

by JASmius

With the addition of several mid-level free agent signings to improve quarterback Andrew Luck's supporting cast, and based upon his taking Indy a round deeper into the playoffs each of his first three seasons, the Colts were considered pre-season favorites to represent the AFC in Super Bowl L.  Then the regular season started, and that illusion got blown up like the guy in every bootleg Paris Hilton internet video.

But you could rationalize their 27-14 opening week loss at Buffalo, as the Bills are definitely on the rise, with a great defense (they kind of remind me of the Seahawks three years ago) and opportunistic offense.

Not the Colts' outings since.  That 20-7 home stinker to the Jets was unbearable to listen to, much less watch.  And barely scraping by the Titans and Jags (the latter in overtime) in what is supposed to be the easiest division in football was hugely eye-opening, even if Luck was out with a shoulder injury last week.

Now that the weirdly beared one is out for tonight's matchup in Houston, the oddsmakers are going heavily with The Team That Should Be Called The Oilers.  And they're probably right.

But I'm going with the Colts and the points anyway.

Indianapolis* (+5)

Just so long as backup Matt Hasselbeck doesn't tell the ref what he did twelve seasons ago....

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