Monday, October 05, 2015

Obama Clinches Trans-Pacific Partnership

by JASmius

Since this was a big deal in these parts a little over four months ago, I though it appropriate to bear witness to the inevitable end of this particular rainbow, even if most Tea Partiers consider the pot to be filled with nothing but pyrite:

Twelve Pacific rim countries sealed the deal Monday on creating the world's largest free trade area, delivering Barack Obama a major policy triumph.

The deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, led by the United States and Japan, aims to set the rules for twenty-first century trade and investment and press [Red] China, not one of the twelve, to shape its behavior in commerce to the TPP standards.

As if.

"After five years of intensive negotiations, we have come to an agreement that will create jobs....

Unlikely, as he's never supported any such policy before. sustainable growth.... [emphasis added]

i.e. NO growth.  True economic growth does not require such mealy-mouthed, dishonest modifiers.

....foster inclusive development....

Same here.

....and promote innovation across the Asia Pacific Region," said U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman....

Innovation does not have to be "promoted"; just get the hell out of the way and open up the floodgates, and that's all the incentive true innovation requires.  Does anybody believe Barack Obama will tolerate anything so grubbily capitalistic?  Me, either.

Barack Obama, who made the TPP a priority of his second term, said the accord reached in Georgia "reflects America's values and gives our workers the fair shot at success they deserve."

i.e. reflects HIS socialist values and is more protectionist than he's remotely admitting in this end zone celebration.

But remember, my Tea Party friends, this deal was going to get done, Trade Promotion Authority or no Trade Promotion Authority.  Remember, as well, that the content of this pot 'o pyrite is "magically delicious".

By Executive Order, of course.

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