Thursday, October 29, 2015

Red China Moves To The Right Of Planned Parenthood

by JASmius

The headline isn't just snark, folks.  It appears that the ChiComms have rediscovered what is written in Psalm 127:4-5: "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; they will not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate."

[Red] China announced the end of its hugely controversial one-child policy on Thursday, with the official Xinhua news agency saying that all couples would be allowed two children. [emphasis added]

Hey, I said Beijing had moved to the right of Planned Parenthood on abortion; I didn't say they'd moved to the right period.

It cited a communique issued by the ruling Communist Party after a four-day meeting in Beijing to chart the course of the world's largest economy over the next five years.

[Red] China is "abandoning its decades-long one-child policy", Xinhua reported.

The policy restricted most couples to only a single offspring, and for years authorities argued that it was a key contributor to [Red] China's [artificial] economic boom.

But after years of strict, sometimes [???] brutal enforcement by a "dedicated" government commission, [Red] China's population - the world's largest - is now ageing rapidly, gender imbalances are severe, and its workforce is shrinking.

Precisely what one would expect to result from impeding the replacement rates of two whole generations.  Although, reading between the lines, what's really alarming the ChiComms is that their military conscription pool - young men - is shrinking as well, and that's far more important to them than their workforce.  Also, the Asian cultural bias towards boys/sons creates societal instability with so many young men unable to find wives, and, to my knowledge, the ChiComm government not having embraced the homosexual/"transsexual" "gospel" that I have no doubt Barack Obama tried to foist on Xi Jinping a month ago.

And never forget, ladies and gentlemen, the original pretext for the One Child policy: overpopulation, one of the pillars of environmental extremism, and the origin of the modern Western death cult that spawned Naziesque butchering entities like....Planned Parenthood.  To whose right even the Red Chinese government has moved, out of practical necessity.

I guess their "dedicated" government commission should have been charging more for their baby organs, which suggests they weren't as "dedicated" as they could have been.

You know, like Planned Parenthood.  Doubtless that's a market into which they'll soon be expanding.  After all, why shouldn't child sacrifice be privatized, right?

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