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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Russian Takeover Of Syria Quid Pro Quo For Obama's Iran Nuclear Sellout?

by JASmius

Well, remember that as far as Barack Obama is concerned, Vladimir Putin already did him a favor two years ago by taking his Syrian "red lines" fiasco off of his hands, which guaranteed that Bashar al-Assad (1) would remain in power in Damascus permanently, which was supposedly something that The One opposed, and (2) that Assad would retain all his chemical weapons, or at least the ones ISIS hadn't already appropriated for its own use, something O also supposedly opposed, and by this action ensured he could do nothing about.  The Russian "incursion" into Syria is simply the inevitable consequence of that "favor".

And what did O get in exchange for Vlad's "largesse"?  Why, the Iranian nuclear "deal," of course!

So claims by the Regime that the Czar's takeover of Syria "caught them by surprise" are somewhat less than entirely credible:

At a meeting in Moscow in July, a top Iranian general unfurled a map of Syria to explain to his Russian hosts how a series of defeats for President Bashar al-Assad could be turned into victory – with Russia’s help…

“[General Qassem] Soleimani put the map of Syria on the table. The Russians were very alarmed, and felt matters were in steep decline and that there were real dangers to the regime. The Iranians assured them there is still the possibility to reclaim the initiative,” a senior regional official said. “At that time, Soleimani played a role in assuring them that we haven’t lost all the cards.”

Three senior officials in the region say Soleimani’s July trip was preceded by high-level Russian-Iranian contacts that produced political agreement on the need to pump in new support for Assad as his losses accelerated.

Their accounts suggest planning for the intervention began to germinate several months earlier. It means Tehran and Moscow had been discussing ways to prop up Assad by force even as Western officials were describing what they believed was new flexibility in Moscow’s stance on his future. [emphasis added]

This, of course, being for public consumption, in order to prop up the "reset button" fiction that is supposed to be among Obama's "foreign policy accomplishments".

Of course, it could always be a simple matter of timing.  U.S. intelligence gets wind of the mullahs' plans to invite the Russians into Syria directly to save Boy Assad's bacon, but Red Barry, desperate for that "historic/landmark" Neville Chamberlain "legacy" moment, resolutely kept his mouth shut, even though, again, the White House's official position is that Assad "has to go".  And then, ten days after that moment of "glory" arrived, Moscow and Tehran set the current "incursion" into motion, knowing that Obama was officially emasculated from so much as uttering a peep of protest against the effective destruction of his supposed Syria policy.  And so he's left to impotently, embarrassingly, and ironically try to make fun of Putin's unprecedented expansion into the Middle East - something the old Evil Empire never dared attempt - as a "sign of weakness".

In other words, "smart power" strikes again.

And, of course, the "playing dumb" card leaves his infernal majesty open to tweets like this one:

Obama admin: We had no idea massive Russia/Iran/Syria op was being planned, but we have such good intel we'll detect cheating on nuke deal

But then, the Iranian nuclear sellout was clinched way back in the spring with the passage of Corker-Menendez, remember?  And it's a done deal now.  Which is the only victory Barack Obama ever really cared about.

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