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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sanctuary Cities Releasing ~10,000 Hardcore Criminal Illegal Aliens Every Year

by JASmius

Bear in mind, this is the same diseased mentality that seeks to take away everybody's means of defending themselves:

As the U.S. Senate considers a bill to slash funding for local governments that protect violent illegal [aliens]....

Which will be denounced as "racist" and "nativist" and "xenophobic" and filibustered into oblivion by Senate Democrats.

....a new study reveals that hundreds of sanctuary cities nationwide released thousands of criminal aliens from jail rather than turn them over to federal authorities for deportation… [emphasis added]

Of course, if they had turned those thousands of criminal aliens over to federal authorities, ICE would have released them into our towns and neighborhoods to "Steinle-ize" us at will instead, saving the sanctuary cities the trouble.

That’s because in less than a year 340 sanctuary cities, counties and States around the U.S. released 9,295 alien offenders that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was seeking to deport. More than half had significant prior criminal histories and six hundred were released at least twice by jurisdictions that protect criminal aliens from deportation by refusing to comply with ICE detainers. The figures were made public recently by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a nonprofit dedicated to researching the consequences of legal and illegal immigration into the United States. [emphasis added]

It's difficult to muster outrage at anything our Obamunist overlords do anymore, but fear and terror are inexhaustible and instantly triggered emotions.  Only question is which of our names will come up in that "Latin Roulette".

This is an issue that congressional Republicans are trying to highlight and publicize via Senators Ted Cruz, David Vitter, and their Stop Sanctuary Policies & Protect Americans Act, a bill that would cut off (unconstitutional) federal funding to any State or local governmental entity that is a sanctuary zone for defying federal immigration law (that Obama has long since nullified, but it's the principle of the thing,,,,).  And that attempt will fail under the crushing weight of the inevitable Donk filibuster.

Which means Kate Steinle is going to have lots and lots of company.  But then, it is the "racially just" thing to do, right?

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