Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Trump Childishly Lashes Out At Marco Rubio

by JASmius

Remember last week when Florida Senator Marco Rubio emerged as Trump's latest challenger for the GOP "frontrunnership"?  I think The Donald noticed, in his trademark puerile way:

The Donald Trump campaign followed up on its attacks on a GOP presidential rival Monday by sending a case of Trump-brand bottled water to Florida Senator Marco Rubio, CNN reports.

The "care package" sent to Rubio's Washington campaign office included a twenty-four-bottle case of Trump Ice Natural Spring Water, which has Trump's picture on it, two "Make America Great Again" towels and bumper stickers.

There also was a note reading, "Since you're always sweating, we thought you could use some water. Enjoy!"

Trump has made fun of Rubio for sweating and drinking lots of water recently.

"I've never seen a young guy sweat that much. He's drinking water, water, water. I never saw anything like this with him with the water," Trump said during a campaign stop in South Carolina."

On MSNBC's Morning Joe, Trump continued the jabs, saying, "I've never seen a guy down water like he downs water. They bring it in in buckets for this guy."

So?  What's wrong with being well-hydrated?  And what's wrong with sweating, for that matter?  President Nixon sweated a lot, and until his presidency ran aground on Watergate, I'd say it was pretty successful.  Which wasn't all that good a thing for America, but that's another topic.

This is what constitutes "attacks" from Donald Trump: irrelevant ridicule and childish pranks.  But then again, since Trump has been pretty much all over the place on every issue (which is what happens when a Democrat tries to pretend to be a Republican), it isn't as if he can effectively criticize Senator Rubio on the substance of pretty much any topic.  And besides, that would be "boring," and Donald Trump doesn't do "boring".  If it isn't entertaining with Trump at the center of public attention, he won't be anywhere in the vicinity.

This, of course, is also why he's not a serious candidate and is unworthy of any support whatsoever.  And wouldn't enjoy any if politics hadn't become debased and debauched into "reality television" nonsense.

But something tells me juvenile stunts are no longer going to carry any metaphorical cachet as the campaign intensifies.  Or is anybody seriously going to buy the notion that Marco Rubio should be denied the GOP nomination - and there are reasons for that - because he drinks a lot of water?

Maybe Trump is losing money on that bottled water venture and is trying to liquidate inventory.  That's the most serious theory I can come up with.

Wish he'd send some to me.  After I scraped off the labels, I could make a case last for a month or more.

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