Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tyranny's Final Countdown

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As one views history through the lens of hindsight, there are truths that cannot be denied.  Tyranny is the rule, and liberty is the exception.  Human Nature is man's biggest enemy, and that is why the systems that are the most prosperous allow for a free market, while limiting the government's reach through a system of checks and balances.  It is in humanity's nature to seek more power through political expansion, if not properly restrained.  Tyranny always uses deception.  They lie.  Their tactics are always shrouded in mystery because societies that they seek to conquer are gullible and unwilling to believe that the evil represented by those tyrants can really even exist.  It is too unbelievable to a culture seeking peace that there are those out there that cannot be negotiated with, and seek what they seek for their own desires for domination.

Tyranny takes many forms, but in the end the basic recipe is the same.  Hate and fear are the tools of tyranny.  Their goal is the silencing of their opposition, which eventually leads to violence.  Bloodshed is always the result of tyranny, and bondage is always the goal.

Terror is the best way to create fear.  Tyranny realizes, however, that if the target society realizes that those that seek tyranny are the ones creating fear through terror, the target may fight back.  So, the tyranny convinces the target that the terror and fear is the creation of a radical extremist group, a renegade subsection of their brethren, or an extremist branch of their opposition.  The leaders of those who seek to spread their tyranny never admit that it is indeed them that seeks to place the world into bondage.  Usually, they seek to do their bidding in an incremental style, allowing the populace to adjust to the misery, without ever realizing they are being slowly boiled in a pot.  Sometimes, however, patience runs short.  Sometimes, the figures leading the tyranny use a religious mask and believe it is the will of Allah to go into the next phase of domination.

Whichever it is, the final countdown is in place.  The followers of Marx, Alinsky, and Muhammad are all in full gear, and they believe the final countdown has commenced.  The question is that after the inevitable bloodshed, will an oligarchy, a theocracy, or liberty emerge as the surviving system?

Oh, and did I say that sometimes tyrannies use each other?

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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