Monday, November 23, 2015

Belgium Raid Reveals Terror Plots

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Paris is not the end of it, and the 16 people arrested in Belgium is only a temporary setback for the Muslim terrorists.  In one case, in regards to the Belgian police raids, one person was injured after police opened fire on a car that drove towards police.

Nineteen raids were carried out in various Brussels neighborhoods, including a poor immigrant district.

Police made three other raids in the industrial town of Charleroi, where an international airport is sited.

No weapons or explosives were found in the raids, prosecutors said.
As the leftists desire, armed officers and troops could be seen patrolling the near-deserted streets of Brussels all weekend after the government raised the terror alert to the highest level of four in the city of more than a million that is also home to the NATO and European Union headquarters.

The risk of terror is a great excuse for martial law style control.

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