Sunday, November 15, 2015

Canada’s New Leftwingnut Prime Minister Announces Trans-Pacific Pipeline

by JASmius

Which is the only way of which I can conceive that the heretofore booming Canadian energy sector isn't going to be completely shut down by Boy Trudeau's declaration that he's going to ban oil tankers off of Canada's Pacific coast:

Campaign promises often fall by the wayside once politicians make it to office, but not for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Less than a month after his election, Canada’s head of [government - Queen Elizabeth II is still Canadian head of state] has put his pledge to ban oil tanker traffic into motion.

In a letter published Friday, Trudeau asked his Minister of Transportation to “formalize a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic on British Columbia’s North Coast,” the Calgary Herald reports.

Such a ban could potentially shut down the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, in which crude oil from Alberta would be piped up to north to British Columbia and then shipped overseas. A coalition of environmental groups and aboriginal advocates applauded Trudeau’s decision.

Barack Obama has already slain the Keystone XL pipeline.  The only other significant market for all that Canadian oil is Red China.  If Ottawa won't allow any oil tankers to even approach Canada's west coast, then that means either a trans-oceanic pipeline, whether on the seabed or suspended above the ocean surface, or tanker trucks that can drive along the bottom for thousands of miles while drivers manage to hold their breath for days and weeks at a time.  Boy, I can't wait to see what the union prevailing wage for THAT duty will be.

There is, of course, another possibility: That a fourth of the Canadian export economy ceases to exist.  Which just happens to be the approximate proportion of said Canadian economy that fossil fuels constitutes.

Maybe this is what Boy Trudeau meant when he said he'd "fight" for Keystone XL on his end.  Since he's cutting off all possibility of any petroleum exports to the ChiComms, sending it south of the border is the only other option if he's to avoid deliberately plunging his country into a catastrophic economic depression.

But Barack Obama has killed Keystone XL deader than a delta smelt.


Looks like we're going to have an illegal immigration problem coming across our northern border before too long, too.

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