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Charlie Sheen HIV Positive

by Douglas V. Gibbs

I came across an article recently that said, "Hollywood Actor HIV Positive," and remarked to my wife, "It's probably Charlie Sheen."  Charlie is known for being the promiscuous one, from porn stars to Hollywood babes, to faces in the crowd.  When you mess around that much, eventually you're going to find yourself picking up things that you thought you were too invincible to contract.

Wasn't it Triumph that sang, "She's young now, she's wild now, She wants to be free,
She gets the magic power, because she's filled with disease. . .

Okay, maybe not that last part.

The Hollywood gossip junkies are spewing it took guts for the actor to tell Matt Lauer he's HIV Positive, the virus that leads to AIDS.  Sheen is known as a Hollywood Bad Boy.  Charlie has always welcomed that role, and plays the part well.  Maybe he thinks of himself as a modern day James Dean.  But, as with any bad behavior, there are going to be consequences.  So, if there is any bravery involved in admitting he's HIV Positive, I will only consider him courageous if he admits he was wrong, he brought all of this upon himself, and his condition in life is a direct result of his poor decisions.

The diagnosis, according to Sheen, came four years ago.  This means that if he has been having sex, and we know he has because he broadcasts it, he's been placing every sexual partner's lives at risk.  He claims his partners are not in danger.  He says he came forward to dispel the myths and rumors.

Charlie Sheen is no longer the kid we saw in the teen flicks of the eighties.  He's 50, now, and found out he was HIV Positive after seeing a doctor regarding horrible headaches he was having.  His reaction to hearing the doctor say HIV?

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life.”

It's amazing how one's outlook on life changes when we discover we are mortal.  As someone who has looked Death straight in the eye, I can vouch for the life-changing aspect of discovering you are mortal.

His self-destructive sexual behavior is not the only thing that was causing Charlie to spiral out of control.  Sheen admits his “profound substance abuse and fathomless drinking” was “a suicide run.”

As for his one way ticket to AIDS, Charlie says he does not know how he contracted it. . . let's rephrase that. . . he does not know from whom he contracted the HIV virus.  When there is that many partners in the sack, and God knows if it was only pure females he was having a hay ride with, I am sure the list of possibilities becomes a blur.  Nonetheless, to manage the virus, now, he’s taking a “triple cocktail” of pills every day.

Your sin always finds you out, and the monetary payments to people he was making to keep his secret a secret has been rising into the millions of dollars.  The "shakedowns" were adding up.  Sheen, perhaps in a plea for sympathy he won't get from this writer, said of the money he was spending to protect his secret, “What people forget is that’s money that they’re taking from my children. I’ve got five kids and a granddaughter, you know?”

Mr. Sheen, those people aren't taking money from your children.  You are.  And now, you have also taken from them their father.  You will die earlier than you should because of your perverse sexual behavior.  You are at fault.  Nobody else is.

Sheen admits to having sex with "unsavory and insipid types", he says he always wore condoms and was honest with them about his condition.

Listen up, kids.  Condoms are not 100%, and I have trouble believing he was faithful in his usage of a rain jacket during the rainstorm of disease pouring from his manhood.  Besides, the "I always wore a condom" argument falls flat when you realize that Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman told People Magazine that part of the star’s reluctance to go public stemmed from “a fear of litigation from former sexual partners.”

Sheen says he doesn't know if he transmitted the virus to anyone else, but waving your wand around spraying your magic at numerous targets usually means that the spark and burning of your secret magic probably did jump into a few receptacles.  Sheen also said that some partners are under his doctor's care, just in case, and that he told every one of his partners about his status in advance of sexual activity.

"Hey, baby, I'm HIV Positive, just to let you know, so let's rock."

Somehow, I doubt he's being entirely honest on that.

Dr. Robert Huizenga, an associate professor of clinical medicine at UCLA and one of the doctors currently treating Sheen says the chance of Sheen passing the virus is "incredibly low."  He's "...optimally treated, have undetectable viral loads" and if he responsibly uses protection, he has an incredibly low — it’s incredibly rare to transmit the virus."  The doctor then said, "[but] we can’t say it’s zero."

"Hey, buddy, let's play Russian Roulette.  Don't worry, there's only a one in six chance you get a bullet to the head."

It's funny, because the liberal left progressive Democrat socialist statists think that if you handle a diseased penis responsibly (and they mean responsibly by saying "wearing a condom") then do as you want with it.  Surely, nobody will get hurt.

However, those same people think gun ownership should be sacrificed because no matter how many safety precautions a gun owner takes, someone might get hurt.

I say, if the leftists want to be true to their word when it comes to gun control, and then apply those same principles to HIV Positive folks like Charlie Sheen, his penis should be registered with a background check, and then eventually confiscated so that he doesn't use it in a dangerous manner.

Lauer asked Sheen why the actor continued to party with the unsavory types around him even after he started handing out hush money, and Sheen replied, "I was doing a lot of drugs, I was drinking way too much, and I was making really bad decisions."

So, even after making the ultimate bad decision, and being diagnosed with the ultimate consequence for that bad decision, he kept making bad decisions.  And he wants to complain about people taking hush money because it was like taking money from his kids?  Two words for you, Mr. Sheen: Take Responsibility.

Charlie then added that he now won't have to pay people anymore to keep his secret.  “Not after today, I’m not,” he quipped. “I release myself from this prison today.”

Was revealing his condition a financial decision?

Sheen's new outlook on life, he says, is more positive.  He's going to do what he can to find a cure.  He's going to approach life in a more philanthropic manner.  "I’m a survivor. I’ve been up, I’ve been down, I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor. It’s another chapter in my life but it’s not commerce driven. It’s socially driven."

Being HIV Positive hasn't interfered with his acting career.  His outburst from drugs have provided plenty of obstacles, instead.  However, he says he has several projects in the pipeline, from movies to conversations with the chairman of Sony about a TV show.

Lady Gaga sent out a message calling Charlie's condition "an opportunity for people all over the world to learn about modern HIV prevention, treatments, and emotional intelligence as it relates to the stigma of the virus," I say, "Let the stigma stand.  HIV is the consequence for bad behavior.  Stop being promiscuous, stop humping unsavory types like a rabbit, and have a life more in line with God's plans, and you don't have to worry about having diseased equipment."

Proverbs 12:21 No ill befalls the righteous, but the wicked are filled with trouble.

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