Saturday, November 07, 2015

Constitution Radio: Once Upon A Promise

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET 1490-AM, Saturday, 1:00 pm pacific

Hosts: Douglas V. Gibbs, JASmius, Alex Ferguson

Today's in-studio guest: Author David N. Brodmann will be joining us to discuss his new book: ‘Once upon a Promise

- After the interview, The Constitution Quest Question of the Week

- Book of the Week: ‘Once upon a Promise

AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:

20. Constitution Corner: Article V. Convention

Today, the Constitution Association, Inc., is holding their monthly regular dinner meeting, and the guest speaker is Lou Oberman from the Convention of States Project.  On today's American Daily Review radio program, Douglas V. Gibbs will preview the discussion about an Article V. Convention that will be held at Merna's Cafe, 26850 Cherry Hills Blvd., in Menifee, California tonight at 5:00 pm.

19. Just Wrong University Cuts Pledge of Allegiance Because it Makes some uncomfortable Northwestern to phase out bottled water despite study that found trash increased after ban  Berkeley High School refuses to identify race of suspect in possible hate-crime hoax Professors: Motorists more likely to run over black people than white people Feminists threaten Virginia university for not investigating ‘sexism’ on social media

18. Farewell, Mr. Thompson

17. Hello, Mr. Ryan

16. America: Worst Country Ever, Except for all others

15. Media Control 2016 Presidential Campaign

14. ISIS Declares War on Russia

13. The Real Enemy: Climate Change?

12. Saving Obamacare

11. Target: Ben Carson

10. Mental Illness: Transgenderism, and Sexual Perversion (Department of Ed orders school to allow transgender students to use locker room of choice) (Militant Homosexuality/Homosexual Revolution)

9. No-Brainer Keystone XL Killed by Obama

8. New Budget

7. Democrats Hold National Defense Hostage

6. Federalizing America

5. The Federal Government and Education

4. Abortion's Destructive Strategies

3. Chicago Good Guy with a Gun

2. Down With Capitalist Pigs

1. Shredding the Constitution

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