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Friday, November 20, 2015

Credit Card Chip Disaster, and Unconstitutional Mandate

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The federal government has mandated that all credit cards and bank cards have a computer chip in them.  You may have already received your new card, by now...just in time for Christmas.   The chip has been a disaster in Europe,  and is becoming a disaster here in the States.   Between the functionality not working as it should, and criminals being able to remote scan it, the list of complaints is an ever-growing thing.

The problems with the chip goes beyond its failures, as well.  With the federal mandate in place we must ask ourselves two questions.  Where in the United States Constitution does it give the federal government such an authority?  And, why would the federal government,  under the guidance of the Obama administration, create such a mandate?

No authority regarding financial instruments,  aside from coining money and regulating it's value, exists for the federal government in the Constitution.   Therefore, the mandate regarding the chip is unconstitutional,  and unlawful.  Yet, nobody is screaming (aside from me) about the lawlessness of the White House regarding this issue.

At what point will Americans begin saying, "Enough is enough"?

As for "why," it is to use technology to better monitor your activities.

A government that seizes authorities, regardless of how large or small the issue, is a tyranny.  So, really the question should be,  "At what point will the American people finally recognize this administration as being a tyranny, and then have the intestinal fortitude to do something about it?

Are are we planning on losing our liberty without a whimper...or worse, with thunderous applause?

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