Monday, November 02, 2015

Earthquakes, Cracks and Volcanoes

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As the fears of the super volcano under Yellowstone gains recognition, other potential earthly calamities are also making themselves known.

In Wyoming a giant crack in the ground has appeared.  The flames of Hell didn't begin to flicker out of it.  It didn't trigger the super volcano under Yellowstone.  But, it did attract a lot of attention.

According to experts, it is not an uncommon occurrence.  Groundwater saturated the ground, and the hillside let go.  The landslide made a big crack.  Such are the natural actions of a powerful planet.

In Arizona a swarm of earthquakes has been rocking the Phoenix area.  We get earthquakes in California all the time.  Usually, they are small.  As Christians we recognize that an increase in earthquakes may be a sign of things to come. . . but this ain't it.  Trust me, if we were having earthquakes of biblical proportions, we'd know it.

Volcanoes and earthquakes and cracks are all a part of the natural condition of a very powerful Earth we live on.  It's not being caused by fracking, or industry, or the man-made Climate Change myth.  The Earth does what it does, and as it does, we have to learn to adjust.  Simple as that.

But, if the big one hits, and California's earthquakes are so severe that even the East Coast feels it, maybe for just a moment the hysterics of hurricanes will die down for just a moment.

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