Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finished with the Republican Party?

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Is the Republican Party broken?  I get it.  We would prefer perfection.  Each and every Republican has things about them that make we want to scream.  But, we have to remember there are more things involved here than just a bunch of unconstitutional, cowardly, big government minded members of the GOP.

A large part of our problem is human nature.  Any person, no matter how virtuous, no matter how perfect you think they may be before they go into political office, will find a way to eventually make you mad.  Once in office, their human nature kicks in.  They try to get along, they make deals where they are willing to vote for something they would not normally vote for in order to gain support for something they find important from people that would not normally vote for something like what they are offering, and the power goes to the head a little.  The reality of politics is human nature, wheeling and dealing, and that the politicians all have their own separate and unique agendas must be something we take into consideration.  In turn, we need to recognize what is going on, and quit with this "third party" garbage, or the "I'll just stay home and not vote" mentality, because like it or not, though we have flawed republicans, they are all that stands between us and a tyranny led by the Democrats.  We have to decide to either work with what we've got, or lose the game.  You will never get the Republicans to be perfectly Constitutional (though I am constantly working to move them in that direction), nor any other politician, for that matter.  I am not condoning their actions, I am simply recognizing that what we have exists and we need to work within the system as it is.  With the tools available to us, the only chance, even if the odds are against us, to get this turned around in the terms of restoring the Constitution and the Republic, is through the Republican Party.  Yep, I can't stand any of the existing GOP presidential candidates.  My only candidate was Scott Walker.  As a number cruncher, he was our best bet.  But, the Democrat Party is so far to the left that even some of the least desirable GOP candidates are better than any of the commie bastards and bastardettes (yes, I know what the proper term for Hillary is) from the Democrat Party that could be on the ticket.  To paraphrase a Winston Churchill quote (he used the word "democracy", which I won't use), America has the worst form of government in the world, except for all others.

The way to win is not to cry and wait for perfection.  The way to win is to be McGyver, and use what we have to create effective tools to win this thing.  Hey, if it takes a loud mouthed paperclip with a frail and weasely string around it to form a tool to put a restraint around the ankle of our federal government, then, by golly, let's do it.

The Republican Party is the vessel for returning to the Constitution we have available for us, right now.  So we need to use it, rather than wait for a perfect party with perfect candidates that may never come.

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