Thursday, November 26, 2015

Intruder Jumps White House Fence

by JASmius

On the one hand, holy crap.

On the other hand, at least this one didn't make it into the White House residence this time:

The White House was on lockdown on Thursday after a person jumped the fence, CNN reported, adding that the jumper was immediately caught. Despite the quick capture, the presidential mansion was still on lockdown as the U.S. Secret Service conducted a security sweep of the area, ABC News and other media outlets reported.

Representatives for the Secret Service could not immediately be reached for comment on the incident.

They probably haven't gotten over their latest hangovers yet.

No word on the obvious question of whether the intruder was Muslim.  But if so, he's almost certainly a home-grown "lone wolf" amateur, not a trained jihadist operative.  The latter would know that he has vastly more targets "softer" than the White House, even during "happy hour".

Barry was probably too busy playing Galaga to notice.

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Bigfoot said...

Galaga? Or maybe Gorf, Gaunlet, Frenzy, Asteroids, Tetris, Tempest and who knows what else.