Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Katharine Hayhoe's Greenstemist Protestant Popery

by JASmius

She's not very likely a Christian evangelical herself, but she's somehow married to one - and a Lubbock, Texas, pastor, no less - which either suggests his gullibility or brings his faith into question with a wife who is piggy-backing his ministry to preach paganism.

In essence, she's attempting to do in the microcosm what Pope Francis has been trying to do from the top down: hijack the Christian faith in service to one of the biggest lies of all:

A climate "scientist" is aiming to change opinions among her fellow Christian evangelicals – and is slowly beginning to find a receptive audience in drought-stricken Texas.

i.e. A pagan false prophet is aiming to lead astray, if possible, even the Elect.

Maclean's, a national weekly in Canada, reports Katharine Hayhoe – who is married to an evangelical church pastor in Lubbock – recently took her mission to a college lecture hall in Midland, a small oil town, slipping from "science" to Scripture without missing a beat.

And bearing a whole lotta false witness in the process.

'For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind," the Canadian native reads from a verse from Paul’s second epistle to Timothy.

"Our response to climate change was never intended to come from a place of fear," she tells the crowd.

The hell it isn't.  Fear is the core and the catechism of the Great Global Warming Hoax.  It's the big "shiny object" distraction designed and intended to panic its foolish listeners into turning off their brains, ignoring the "climate change" crowd's cherry-picked, half-baked, deceptive data and evidence, ceasing to think critically, and stampede in the direction of needlessly self-inflicted economic privation and governmental tyranny for the benefit of an elite few that are already evangelicals' self-declared enemies.

"God has given us three amazing gifts. He’s given us a spirit of power to get things done....

Spiritual things, according to His will and plan, yes.  Remember what I "preached" about biblical stewardship recently?  That it is exclusively about winning souls to Christ and discipling them as they embark upon their Christian walks, not "saving a planet" that (1) does not need "saving" and (2) we couldn't "save" even if it did.

....a spirit of love and — as a 'scientist,' this is my favorite — a sound mind. Who knew? God gave us a sound mind to make good decisions, using the information He’s given us."

Using that sound mind is the last thing you want your listeners to do, Mrs. Hayhoe, because if they do, they will see what a fraud your are, how you're betraying their trust in you to exploit them for a false cause, stop listening to you, and if you persist, cast you out of their midst.

Or, rather, your husband and your church's elder board would have to, if they were administering biblical church discipline for a wayward believer who refused to repent.  Which would be kind of awkward for him, I would think.

And lest you think I'm being too harsh, guess where's she's going to be three weeks from now:

Later this month, she's set to be at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris on behalf of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

"We are told to love others as Christ loved us," she tells the Midland audience. "How did Christ love us? Was it with a 'me first and you later' attitude? It wasn’t."

"How loving is it to ignore when developed countries do things that actively harm developing nations?" she asks, pausing to let the question sink in. "When people who have resources do things that harm people who do not, right here in our country?"

I'd like to believe that this woman is just deceived herself and isn't an active part of this malevolent mass deception that seeks to impoverish and enslave millions and even billions.  But she sure sounds like an active, willful participant, a footsoldier in this army of, yes, evil.  Which is why, yes, I bring her professed faith into question.

Ultimately, only God can answer that question.  But whatever that answer is, one thing is for certain: Katharine Hayhoe has a great deal to confess to the LORD and from which to repent.  Pray that she truly is saved, that all she winds up losing is rewards, forfeited in the combusting hay and stubble, at Christ's bema seat.

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