Saturday, November 07, 2015

Keystone XL Homocide Just The Beginning

by JASmius

You didn't think the greenstremists were going to be satisfied with their demigod "officially" killing a project that he'd throttled to death seven years ago, did you?  No sireebob.  Just as with their elected representatives in Congress, just as with the American Left as a whole, just as with the Terminator....

....they never stop pushing their radical, extremist, pro-poverty, anti-prosperity, inhuman agenda.  EVER.  Until we are slaves and they are the one-party, dictatorial communist state.

And now that Keystone XL is officially (and perhaps permanently) dead, the Watermelon Brigade (green on the outside, red on the inside) is already off to their ultimate, insanely overreaching (or is it?) objective: Banning all energy exploration in the United States, period:

Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline marks the end of seven years of [extrem]ism by environmentalists across the country. But, between celebrations on Friday, [extrem]ists painted the decision as just the beginning of a new era of [extrem]ism where any additional fossil fuel projects will not be tolerated.

“It’s good, and at the same it cannot be the extent of Obama’s work on climate,” said Lindsey Allen, Rainforest Action Network executive director, of Obama’s Keystone decision. “This is an opportunity to build on momentum and work to stop other projects like this.”

The next frontier—a campaign known as “keep it in the ground“—has been in the works since long before Obama reached his final decision about Keystone. [Extrem]ists have used the phrase, which refers to stopping new and continued drilling of fossil fuels, in protest since at least the summer. [emphases added]

No drilling on federal lands; no drilling on private lands.  Auctions stop.  Existing contracts are unilaterally breached by the regime.  O's pen and phone descend like an iron curtain, amputating all energy exploration AND PRODUCTION like a guillotine.  Because "we can't wait" and "the planet must be saved NOW".  And the countless thousands or millions of remaining jobs destroyed, the supply shock ripples throughout the U.S. economy, the inflationary price spiral from dramatic upward movement in energy and transportation costs, the reversal of our diminishing dependence upon foreign and specifically enemy sources of oil and all its disastrous national security implications given our drastically weakened international standing and military capabilities?  Irrelevant.  Only sating Gaia and Marx matters.  The American middle class can hang.

Think I'm exaggerating?  For the past year Barack Obama has been reveling in being "the president he always wanted to be".  He's ruling by imperial decree already.  He'll never face another even rigged election.  And his grand global "climate change" confab in Paris is barely a month away.  Tell me what's stopping him from granting the greenstremists' every last wish.

And for those of you who reasonably point out that this would be so outragious a stretch as to even scotch Hillary Clinton's chances of returning to the White House even with Donald Trump running interference for her, I return you to what I've been warning you all about for a full three years now: What if Barack Obama signs an executive order canceling the 2016 election, or otherwise finagles a means of remaining in power indefinitely.  You've heard him oratorically Hitlerize on global warming; he's as big a zealot on this nonsense as the greenies who cheer him on.  He believes it as blindly as they do, and he shares their "at any cost, by any means necessary" absolutism down to the last quark and gluon.  If you are incontrovertibly convinced that Earth is doomed if modern human civilization isn't forcibly regressed to the hunter-gatherer level, and you have the power to make that happen, well, what would you do?  Certainly not let the Constitution and the rule of law and the will of the American people stand in the way, that's for damned sure.

And if you take the more cynical bent, The One's imperative for power is just as insatiable.

The greenstremists' newest slogan is, "Keep it in the ground".  They care not a whit that it will put America as we have known it in the ground in the process.

But then, once again, this is what sixty-two million Americans twice voted for, so none of them are going in my cold, damp plot.

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