Saturday, November 07, 2015

Media Assault On Ben Carson Yields A Cool $3.5 Million In Fundraising

by JASmius

Isn't this what always happens in this kind of situation in the age of social media and instant communications?

Or, as Eric Bischoff used to put it, "controversy creates cash":

Ben Carson sarcastically thanked the [Oba]media and several negative stories for a fundraising surge that brought in $3.5 million for the former neurosurgeon this week.

Moreover, many of those donations are small from a huge spectrum of donors who can give over and over again, unlike many of the "bundlers" who tap millionaires and billionaires for other other candidates. That is already making Carson's mailing list the stuff of legend among political professionals and rival campaigns.

Carson said Saturday that his haul was primarily thanks to a "biased media," according to CNN. He particularly singled out CNN and Politico for several controversial stories this week about details of his personal biography.

Carson claimed ten thousand donations each day of the week in a tweet.

"We the People have made 10,000 donations each day this week, raising $3.5M this week alone. Thank you biased media," he tweeted.

That doesn't mean that the media assaults won't continue and won't have an impact, unjust as they are.  But Dr. C's core support ensures that he'll be able to hang in these fights and hold his own.

Of far greater concern, or so it seems to me, is when he goes off his nut and does things like this:

Republican presidential [frontrunner] Ben Carson will say that Puerto Rico should become a State Sunday at a rally on the island.

The retired pediatric neurosurgeon will be speaking at an event for Ricky Rosello, who is running for governor as a candidate of the pro-Statehood party, BuzzFeed News reports.

Endorsing Statehood for the U.S. commonwealth was a condition for Carson speaking at the event, according to BuzzFeed.

Just what America needs: another State the approximate size of Connecticut with a debt in the neighborhood of that of Illinois just waiting to send two hungry Democrat senators and five ravenous Democrat congresscritters to Washington.

I wonder what Gentle Ben's payday was for that gaffe.

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