Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Miracle Child Missing Part of Skull

By Douglas V. Gibbs

There is an old saying; "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."  The power of love can be a powerful thing.  When it comes to children, that is the most powerful love of all.

When my children were born, the emotional experience was something that could not be explained to anyone that has never had a child.  The love you have for your child when you see them born is so powerful that it hurts.

Yes, when they are young they step on your toes, and when they grow up they step on your heart.  Both of my children are a blessing, and both became difficult as they grew older.  Such is the reality of parenthood.  Eventually, a parent lets go, and hopes the child makes the right decisions.  We cherish every moment with our child, no matter what stage they are in during their lives.  And in my case, I have also been blessed with six grandchildren, and a seventh on the way.

A child is a blessing.  Every child is a blessing.  That is why I have taken an active role in the Pro-Life fight with my involvement with Birth Choice Temecula, and why I wrote my third book, Silenced Screams on the subject of abortion.

Every once in a while a story emerges that reinforces my belief in the powerful love we have for our children.  In the case of this article, the story circles around a blessed little boy, Jaxon Buell.

The 14-month old has already defied the odds.  He was born without part of his brain and skull.  Despite the condition that should have killed him during the pregnancy, or shortly after his birth, the little boy is surviving, thriving, and beyond his first birthday.

The condition, microhydranencephaly, has no cure, and results in reduced growth and a weakened condition that includes reduced brain function.  How long little Jaxon will survive is a mystery, and the parents of the blessed boy understand that his life will probably be very short.  The doctors thought the little boy would only survive for a few weeks after birth.  The brain was not able to become fully formed.  He cannot hear, but the doctors turned out to be wrong when they said he’s not ever going to see or walk or talk or babble or anything.  According to Jaxon's parents, "He can see because he reads books with us and watches Mickey Mouse I can see his eyes going back and forth and he focuses on things… The doctors were 100 percent wrong."

The emotional turmoil that engulfed the parents of Jaxon during the earliest part of his life may be over, and the Buells understand that they will likely outlive him, but their love for him is fierce, and deep. He could be gone tomorrow, or a long time down the road.  The difficult part is not knowing.  But the love, and the hope, is indescribable.

The advances Jaxon is making “blow us away,” says Brandon, the boy's father.  “He is stubborn and really works hard to say things, you can see it. He smiles at us and says, ‘Mamma and ‘addy’ constantly and is trying to say, ‘I love you.’ He’s doing something new every single day. We’re just so relieved he’s happy and smiling and laughing and learning all the time.”

Doctor's appointments are continuous, and the medical field has no answers, but the progress of the child is inspiring to his parents, and should be inspiring to us all.

Brandon says. “We’re so very proud of him doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

Support has come from all angles, with a growing Facebook Community page, help from various non-profit groups, and through their fundraising for medical research on their son’s GoFundMe page. 

The sad reality is that the pro-abortion crowd, the leftists that push the murder of children in the womb, would have recommended to Brittany, Jaxon's mommy, upon the diagnosis that Jaxon would be a child that needs special care, that she abort the little boy before he had a chance to take his first breath.  The fact is, the love he receives, and has given, no matter how short his life may be, is reason enough that he should live beyond the womb.  His life has been a great blessing, and we must ask ourselves, how many blessings have we missed out on in this world because of abortion?

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