Thursday, November 12, 2015

NFL Week 10 Kickoff

by JASmius

An AFC East matchup of almost-there-but-not-quite up-and-comers, both cut from the same cloth: good but inconsistent defenses, equivalently occasionally explosive offenses.  Oh, and both having been coached by the same man - Rex Ryan - last season and this season (though, of course, not concurrently.

Here's the statistical tail of the tape:

TOTAL OFFENSE: Jets #11, Bills #20
RUSHING OFFENSE: Bills #2, Jets #14
PASSING OFFENSE: Jets #17,  Bills #29

TOTAL DEFENSE: Jets #4, Bills #16
RUSHING DEFENSE: Jets #1, Bills #6
PASSING DEFENSE: Jets #14, Bills #24

Short version: The Jets will pass on the Bills, and the Bills won't run on the Jets.  And it's in the Snoopy Bowl.


N.Y. Jets * (-2.5)

The Jets are looking like the top AFC wild card.  At the moment, at least.  In case anybody outside - or, heck, inside - Gotham is interested.

UPDATE: What is with the Bills' all-red uniforms?  I get the Jets' all-green get-ups, that's their primary color.  But the Bills' is blue, not red.  Did Terrence Pegula lose a bet?

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