Friday, November 06, 2015

Obama Ending His War Against Israel?

by JASmius

Sure, why shouldn't The One throw in the towel on attempting to broker "peace" between the Israelis and the "Palestinians" which consisted of taking the Pals' side at every turn, letting them commit atrocities and wage war against the Jews and all around run wild with nary a word of holding them accountable for their actions but rather lavishing billions of dollars in aid upon them, while seeking to deny the Israelis the use of their own territory, force them to hand over their own territory to the Pals', and bitterly and insultingly denounce and blame them for the failure of the "peace process" when they declined to commit national suicide.

Not that this hasn't been the underlying common dynamic of the "peace process" for the past quarter-century, to varying degrees of outrageous intensity, but never has it been more egregious than under the auspices of what many consider to be the "First Muslim President".

And now he's quitting - or so his Regime claims:

Barack Obama has concluded that a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians is beyond reach during his presidency and will press Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take steps to preserve the mere possibility of a two-state solution, senior administration officials said Thursday.

Which Bibi has even less incentive to provide now that O is already throwing up his hands and conceding defeat.   Unless the latter is going to use Jerusalem's $4 billion military aid request as leverage.  Like he wouldn't.

The issue has taken on greater importance with the recent wave of stabbings carried out by Palestinians against Israelis, senior administration members said during a conference call with reporters about Netanyahu’s visit next week.

They said that the administration has become “realistic” that there might not even be negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian officials before Obama leaves office. In September, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said his government would no longer consider itself bound by the Oslo peace agreements in effect for two decades, charging that Israel had failed to live up to its obligations....

i.e. Israel refused to commit national suicide, and Abbas has effectively admitted that the Pals never even tried to ever live up to its Oslo obligations and is dropping any pretense of beginning to do so now.

Rob Malley, the National Security Council’s senior director for the Middle East, said that for the first time in two decades, an American administration “faces the reality” that a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “is not in the cards for the remainder” of a presidency. That, he said, has “led to a reassessment not only of what we can do but of what the parties can do.”

Leaving aside the question of just how long the Obamidency will actually last, the name Rob Malley is an interesting one.  Remember how the 2008 Obama campaign had deep and close ties to Palestinian terrorist groups, for illegal campaign fundraising and other purposes?  Mr. Malley had a significant role in that operation:

[Malley] first came to the attention of the media in 2008, while serving as an "informal Middle East policy adviser" for the campaign. When Malley admitted to taking meetings with Hamas — then and now a State Department-listed terrorist group — the Obama campaign [pretended to] cut ties with Malley. Ben LaBolt assured the media that Malley had no formal position in Obama’s organization, and that “he will not play any role in the future.” Obama hired Malley back in February 2014 to help "improve ties" with "allies in the Persian Gulf," a task at which Obama hasn’t exactly excelled, either. [emphases added]

Yeah - "allies" like the Islamic Empire of Iran, which still considers itself OUR enemy, while all our former Gulf allies now consider us THEIR enemy for King Hussein's treacherous sellout to the mullahs on their nukes.

Gosh, I just can't understand why Benjamin Netanyahu wouldn't want to participate in "peace" negotiations moderated by a U.S. administration that holds regular meetings and huddles with the jihadist entity that vows to finish the Final Solution Hitler started and has waged three full-scale wars against Israel in the past decade, can you?

Does this mean that, having given up on shafting them via "diplomacy," Obama's "cold war" against the Jews will now move to a "hotter" mode?  That would be a Middle East war he might actually find to his liking.

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