Thursday, November 12, 2015

Paul Ryan Cleaning House In The House As Promised

by JASmius

You asked for it, he's delivering it, my Tea Party friends:

Paul Ryan took on the role of Speaker of the House last month promising to rework the House Republican Steering Committee before Thanksgiving and is doing just that, taking steps to restructure the panel and dump committee chairs, Politico reports.

In what will be the biggest restructuring of internal GOP policy so far in his tenure, Ryan kick-started the changes by impaneling eight lawmakers. And although plans are not finalized, lawmakers have discussed a two-part plan to change the membership of the committee.

Politico states that "during the current Congress, top committee chairmen would be removed from the panel and replaced with members elected by the House Republican Conference" and "in the next Congress, the GOP would add additional regional representatives to the committee."

Lawmakers involved in the talks declined to comment on the confidential plans, but the potential changes would help decentralized power in the House.

Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers of Kentucky-5?  Gone.  Energy & Commerce Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan-4?  Out.  Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling of Texas-5?  Ousted.  Ways & Means’ Kevin Brady of Texas-8, just barely handed that committee's gavel?  Kaput.  Budget Chairman Tom Price of Georgia-6?  Fired.  I'm not sure how they collectively constitute any kind of "good ol' boy" club, but the Speaker will have them on their way to the outer back-benching darkness in short order.

We'll see if this is good enough for the House Freedom Caucus, especially if they don't get a disproportionate number of the freed-up gavels and even a single "RINO" does.

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