Sunday, November 08, 2015

World Bank Joins In Psychotic Global Warming Hype

by JASmius

Everybody in the "international[ist] community" is getting on the same page in advance of the United Nations "WE'LL ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!" summit and everybody is dogpiling in the same ridiculous, shrieking, hysterical, fantasist hype:

Climate change could push more than one hundred million people into extreme poverty by 2030 by disrupting agriculture and fueling the spread of malaria and other diseases, the World Bank said in a report Sunday.

Released just weeks ahead of a U.N. climate summit in Paris, the report highlighted how the impact of global warming is borne unevenly, with the world's poor woefully unprepared to deal with climate shocks such as rising seas or severe droughts.

"They have fewer resources and receive less support from family, community, the financial system, and even social safety nets to prevent, cope and adapt," the Washington-based World Bank said.

No, "fighting climate change" WILL push a hundred million people into extreme poverty a lot sooner than 2030 by bankrupting developed economies and arresting the economic development of what used to be referred to as Third World countries.  It'll also create global environmental decline, as only prosperous capitalist societies can afford "clean water" and "clean air," versus socialist/communist societies (Red China comes instantly <cough> to mind), which don't care about environmentalism and have the environments to prove it.

But don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, the self-inflicted economic suicide won't go unaccompanied by the usual extorted mass-shakedown of whatever cash the formerly developed world has left:

How to help poor countries — and poor communities within countries — deal with climate change is one of the crunch issues in talks on a global climate accord that's supposed to be adopted next month in Paris.

Those who say that rich countries aren't doing enough to help the poor said the report added emphasis to demands for billions of dollars in so-called climate finance to developing countries.

The same scam they've been pulling for years with a new, smarmy label.

"The statistics in the World Bank report are suitably shocking and I hope they force world leaders to sit up and take notice," said Mohamed Adow of Christian Aid. "The Paris deal needs to support the poor and vulnerable communities to cope with unavoidable climate crises better, and to be more resilient to a changed climate."

You want to help "poor countries" and "vulnerable communities," Mohamed?  Cancel this stupid "climate summit," arrest all these greenstremist fraudsters, drop this crazed, maniacal pagan psychosis about an "imminent climate catastrophe" that isn't happening and doesn't exist, (at least not anthropogenically and in the opposite thermodynamic direction), jettison "poor countries'" corrupt, dictatorial, kleptocratic governments and replace them with constitutional federal republics and laissez faire capitalist economies, stand back, and watch the avalanche of prosperity commence.

When you're done, give us a call.  We're going to need a loan to "tide us over".  A BIG one.

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