Saturday, December 19, 2015

American Daily Review: Big Stories in Interesting Times

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Here's today's AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:

22. Constitution Corner

21. Godless

20. Roger, Roger

19. Middle East Blunder

18. The Democrats

17. King Obama

16. Man-Made Climate Change Hoax

15. All Lives Matter

14. Throwing Away Everything Over Immigration

13. War through Technology

12. Stupidity of the Uninformed

11. Economy: As the Curtain Slowly Lifts

10. As the Hillary Clinton Machine Moves Forward

9. Selling out Freedom for Security?

8. How the Obama Administration Encourages Domestic Terrorism

7. Migrants (or Land of the Lost)

6. Republican Debate: Missing the Point

5. Omnibus Spending Bill: a.k.a. Selling Out America

4. Redlands Tea Party holds Press Conference regarding Muslim Migration and Refugees

3. Why Trump is Appealing to Voters

2. Too Late for Europe

1. Get a Gun

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