Sunday, December 06, 2015

Constitution Association: As We Enter the Christmas Season, 2015

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Last night the Constitution Association held its annual Christmas Party.  The event went well.  A nice group of Patriotic Americans gathered for dinner, discussing the challenges we face as Americans, and as residents of Southwest Riverside County.  The shootings just up the road in San Bernardino last week remain fresh in our memories.  Unfortunately, many Americans have been complacent, and have not believed it is necessary for them to take action.  We, as Americans, are distracted by the trials of our daily lives.  Until the terror is in our front yard, for many of us, there is just no good reason to be involved.

With a massacre in San Bernardino by a married Muslim couple who lived in Redlands, and with the terrorist that headed the operation being an American citizen who lived in Corona, how much closer does the reality of what is going on have to be?  How many more mosques and "migrants" need to emerge in the area before we realize, it's not just a problem with Muslim Radicals.  Jihad is all about Islam.  Islam is at war with us, and we refuse to recognize that fact.

As Constitutionalists, we cannot stand by and allow a political ideology and their sharia law, which is not compatible with the United States Constitution, to simply have their way with our Land of the Free.

The reason for the season, however, is not politics, so we began the evening with a Story about Jesus.  The Good News of Jesus Christ was accentuated by a guest speaker, and his incredible book: Once Upon A Promise, David Brodmann.  He read the entire book for the audience, and sold out the books he brought.  He will have a table at the Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly Christmas Party on Friday, December 11.

After David completed his reading, I talked about the Founding Fathers, and how they were problem-solvers and men of action.  Those early Patriots expected us to be the same.  Theirs was a battle against the British Empire, the greatest military force in the world, yet they stood firm against all odds, and defeated tyranny.  After the miracle of the Revolutionary War, the founders then created another miracle, the United States Constitution, the contract that gave to us the greatest system of liberty ever seen in history.

As the folks continued their conversation, and talked to David Brodmann about his book, I thought about the history of our country, and how important it is that we remember where we came from.  I interrupted the conversation, and pulled out my tablet to read for the group an article by David Barton, Christmas - As Celebrated by the Presidents.  It was informative, enlightening, and inspirational.

After the final words of the article, which are "Merry Christmas," I talked about our Posterity.  In the Preamble, where it says "Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity," we notice that word "ourselves" is lower case, and "Posterity" is capitalized. The Constitution was handwritten, and for emphasis, rather than use italics, the authors of that great document capitalized words in it to achieve the same emphasis.  What the Framers were saying in that phrase about the Blessings of Liberty was, "Yes, we are creating this system to ensure our liberty, but even more so we are doing this for our Posterity."  In other words, "Yes, for ourselves, lower-case. But especially for those not yet born, with a capital P."

That is why we do what we do, is it not?  As we navigate the waters back to liberty, and we stand against the tyrannical policies of leftism, do we do it for ourselves, or are we fighting the good fight for our children, and our grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren.  I have six grandchildren, with a seventh on the way, due in February, and I want them to have an America as free as mine, and in fact I want theirs to be on the road to returning to the liberty that I didn't even know, where political correctness has been banished, and the federal government knows its role as a government designed to handle external issues, leaving the internal law-making job to the States.

I am not a fatalist.  I do not believe it is too late.  I do believe, however, we must have a sense of urgency.  We have not passed the sign that says "The Point of No Return," but we can see it clearly.  We have approached that moment in history where civilizations collapse, but we still have some final opportunities to turn it around, if we would just band together, and create a movement that all Americans want to be a part of.

Locally, we have a great group.  A couple dozen folks are active in our efforts.  We have nearly 300 people on our mailing list (join the mailing list by emailing me at constitutionspeaker at There are some around the country who would like to launch chapters of our Constitution Association organization.  But, we are still growing.  We are still putting all of the pieces together.

2016 is upon us.  I believe this election may very well be a "make or break" election for the future of the United States, and our country's legacy of liberty.  If the statists continue to gain ground, and if another anti-American President like Barack Obama takes office, it could spell the end of our Republic, and drop the United States into an era of darkness, and tyranny.  As an organization, we must stop the bleeding, we must stand in the way of the opposition, and we must restore the foundations of our American System.  The other side is working to "fundamentally change" America.  It is our job to stop it.

I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.  Like the Founding Fathers when they signed the Declaration of Independence, we must be willing to pledge our Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor.

How many of you out there are with us?  Local or not, how many of you are prepared to join us as we work on the projects we have planned in 2016?  We are ready to Declare to the establishment our Grievances, and our Intentions on how we plan to turn this around.  We are constructing Articles of Association to bind Americans together in this battle.  I have been working with someone to establish online Constitution Courses, with also instructions on how to be an advocate.  We are working on an online, interactive Constitution.  I am planning on once again creating and distributing a Constitution Association Election Guide.  But we need time, volunteers, and funding.

Is there enough time?  Can we turn this all around?  Judging by the enthusiasm by those that were a part of our Christmas Celebration last night, the answer is "yes."  We just need more people willing and ready to make an impact.  Are you ready to join the movement?

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