Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Forty-Three Boys Is Too Many?

by JASmius

The Hillary ad says "forty-four," which illustrates the extent of her campaign's knowledge of U.S. history and the non-consecutive two-term presidency of the last great Democrat president, Grover Cleveland.

As to the core message of the ad itself....

.....I have only one fundamental question: Why?  Why are forty-three "boys" too many in the line of succession of the American presidency?  How would the country be better off for having had a woman POTUS or three before now?  And does that include a President Sarah Palin?  Because otherwise, I don't think that message is going anywhere.  Which is why pretty, bubbly little girls are fronting this ad.

Only (God willing) eleven more months of this crapola - and "Forty-three boys is too many!" is, given Herself's unlikeability, abrasiveness, arrogance, utter absence of charisma, empty resume, and alienating sense of imperial entitlement, the best it's going to get.

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