Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hard Starboard Radio: Pachydermageddon

Middle East primed for all-out Sunni-Shiite war; Red Chinese submarine launched simulated missile attack on U.S. aircraft carrier; Angela Merkel finally pulls the plug on "Germanistan"; Congress averts another government shutdown....for now....again; The Hispanic Left unleashes hell on Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio; John Kerry: "Okay, Assad Can Stay"; and Pachydermageddon VIII: The Thundering Herd Functionally Undiminished.

Crossing the Alps from the perspective of too many damned elephants at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

And, as promised, the big announcement: Beginning the first full week of 2016 (so, presumably, debuting Monday, January 4th), I will be the newest host on Patriot Insight Radio.

The Hard Starboard Radio name stays the same, but the logo will morph to my human half (over there, anyway) and the time slot will move an hour earlier to 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific.  Rebroadcasts of each episode will run on Blog Talk Radio the following weeknight at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific.

Hmmm; maybe the dinghy in the tractor beam of the starship Pistachio is more of a runabout, or a Nova-class or Saber-class vessel after all....

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