Monday, December 21, 2015

Hell Hath No Fury Like High School Girls Scorned (By A Hemale)

by JASmius

As this Palatine, Illinois "transgender" case has writhed and slithered "forward," with a mentally ill high school boy convinced - allegedly - that he was a "girl" and seeking via the police power of the state to force - successfully -  his mental illness on everybody else, including his female classmates in their locker room, what has been very conspicuous by its absence is the volcanic feminist reaction to a boy trying to scam his way into a veritable pantheon of poontang, or at least eye candy, which is precisely the take you'd have thought the purveyors of the "rape culture" myth would have taken at maximum screeching volume - and in this instance, they'd have had a valid point.  And yet there's been nothing.  No protests, no media campaign, zippo.  It appeared that the feminazis had been kicked even further down the hard-Left identity politics pecking order in favor of an even more egregious pack of freaks that had rendered their cause old hat to the point of being rendered obsolete.

And it has.  But at least the girls tried to take a stand:

On December 7th, before a crowded school board meeting packed with news media, they would tell the world why they don’t want a high school student who [is] male, but "identifies" as a female, to use the girls’ locker room.

They would tell the world why allowing a transgender student to see them in a state of undress would be an invasion of their personal privacy.

They would explain why, at fifteen and sixteen years old, changing alongside [actual] women is already hard enough.

“It is unfair to infringe upon the rights of others to accommodate one person,” the six girls, in a joint statement, told an audience of at least five hundred.

“Although we will never fully understand your personal struggle,” they said, addressing the transgender student, “please understand that we, too, all are experiencing personal struggles that need to be respected.”

And I'm sure they would be, if gender-benders weren't rocketing up the hard-left identity politics pecking order.  As it is, they are, and that means the personal struggles and privacy of the affected high school girls are irrelevant and must be sacrificed to the greater "good" of "social justice".  Which is another term for queer fascism.  A rose by any othe name, and all that.

I will reiterate: Where are the other parents in all of this?  If one of those girls had been my daughter, I'd have been pissed as hell and all over that school board like white on rice, no matter how cynical I was about the chances of success in restoring some modicum of sanity to the proceedings.  In a world where everybody else has lost their bloody minds, there has to be somebody still willing and able to publicly, and loudly, point it out.  If there were any such parents as that in Palatine, Illinois, the media quite clearly ignored their entreaties.

My fellow curmudgeon Jazz Shaw, as he usually does, provides another spot-on exit quote:

The other issue is that “Student A” (the boy in question) has not been identified by name, which is fine, but has been revealed as having been “diagnosed with gender dysphoria” and beginning “transition” in middle school. This includes hormone therapy. Perhaps you missed the key point I just mentioned…


This child didn’t need intervention by a doctor with a needle full of estrogen in seventh grade. He needed some officers from Child Protective Services to get him out of that home and away from the parents who would allow such a damaging assault to be perpetrated on their own child in the name of political correctness. And CPS needed to see if there were any other at risk children in that home and get them the hell out of there. But instead, the federal, State and local governments are involved in a legal dance to see if they can “accommodate” the ruination of this child’s life by his parents. The wheels are coming off the wagon fast, folks.

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