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Thursday, December 10, 2015

NFL Week 14 Kickoff

by JASmius

Fun trivia fact: These two teams played in a 1975 NFC Divisional playoff game when the Cardinals were located in St. Louis, which was the era in which the St. Louis Rams were based in Los Angeles, and in which Fran Tarkenton was the Viking's starting QB, whom Russell Wilson resembles much more than Teddy Bridgewater does.  Except for that big, fat Super Bowl ring.

The Vikes won that day 35-23.

Actually, it was the Rams.  When they played in L.A.  I remembered everything except who the Cards were beaten by that day in early January of 1976.  But, heck, Arizona played St. Louis last week, so I figured it was a shame to let a fun trivia fact go to waste, even if it wasn't quite factual.

Anyway, here's the tale of the tape:

POWER RANKING: Cardinals #4, Vikings #19

TOTAL OFFENSE: Cardinals #1, Vikings #30
RUSHING OFFENSE: Vikings #5, Cardinals #8
PASSING OFFENSE: Cardinals #3, Vikings #31

TOTAL DEFENSE: Cardinals #4, Vikings #15
RUSHING DEFENSE: Cardinals #4, Vikings #22
PASSING DEFENSE: Vikings #6, Cardinals #8

On one side of the ball, the Cards can run it down the Vikings' throats, and that's not their core offensive strength.  It might look like Minnesota can hang with the Arizona passing game, but no they can't - just look what we did to them last week.

On the other side of the ball, if Adrian Peterson doesn't roll up three hundred yards, the Vikes are going nowhere, because Teddy Bridgewater is, again, no Russell Wilson.  As was proven again last Sunday.

Much as I'd love to believe otherwise, no upset is happening tonight.

Arizona* (-7.5)

The Vikings are what you get when you put a hall of fame running back back on the field that makes, along with a last place schedule, your club look way better than it really is.

It's brutal to watch it get exposed twice in five days, isn't it?

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