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Thursday, December 24, 2015

NFL Week 16 Kickoff

by JASmius

One franchise that originated in Los Angeles and now looks to be headed back there (terrible idea, by the way, as emulating the Clippers is never wise); the other franchise having moved there, then returned to where they belonged, and now making noise about beating the Chargers to the punch.  And perhaps both destined to discover that the Rams, who moved from Los Angeles twenty years ago, will be waiting for them.

L.A., without a team for two decades, could wind up with three of them next season or the one after.  We do live in interesting (which is to say, insanely stupid) times.

Additionally, one franchise on its way up (but not "there" yet), the other on its way down....just not longitudinally.

Not worth handicapping, even if one of these clubs is the owner's favorite team.

But here's my present, Doug.

San Diego (+5.5)

A Raiders-Seahawks Super Bowl?  Some day, some day....

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