Monday, December 07, 2015


by Bonnie Parsley

Americans are scared. They see the decline of our economy, the weakening of our military, and our vulnerability to terrorism and they want a strong leader to come in and solve our problems. This desire is what attracts people to someone like Donald Trump. Trump looks strong and unafraid of anything–not Isis, not Putin, not the media. He doesn’t let political correctness control his speech. He is the savior that many voters are looking for.

I suggest that people look at what has happened historically in situations very similar to this in other countries. After the first world War, Germany was devastated economically; their military had been defeated, and their people were demoralized. This set the stage for a strong man to be elected. So the people voted for Adolf Hitler to come in and solve all their problems. I am not saying that Trump would become a dictator like Hitler, but I think he would become a right wing Obama. He is a man of action and he would issue directives and executive orders like Obama. He would wield power like he does as CEO of his companies. He will want to run everything and not consult with Congress much the same way Obama does.

The question is, can Americans let go of their fears and anger and use a calm, studied approach to selecting our next President? Will Americans choose a president based on a person’s character, integrity, and steadfastness. I believe that someone who has a proven record of staying calm in a life or death crisis, someone who has a record of leading a team to accomplish great thing, and someone who will listen to the advice of others would be the kind of person America needs. We don’t need a savior. We need a person who is a deep thinker, who is solutions oriented, and is a calm, reassuring presence for America. We need a person who is grounded in reality, truth, and goodness of heart. We need someone with wisdom, humility, and courage.

I submit to you that Ben Carson is such a man. I believe that Dr. Carson is a man who will be respected by all Americans regardless of political party. He will unite the country and bring us together as no other candidate will. His calm demeanor, and soft spoken manner should not be confused with weakness. These traits were similarly exemplified in George Washington. With a leader like, Dr. Carson, the United States will regain its moral foundation, its strength of character, and its resolve to be a light of freedom to the world.

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