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Thursday, December 03, 2015

We Failed

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I was talking to my wife, recently, about the efforts of the Constitutional Association, and I took notes on what she was saying. My wife is not one that is normally involved in what I am doing, but like you, she is a patriot, and appreciative of the efforts by me, and those around me, regarding the United States Constitution.

We talked about how on Giving Tuesday I appealed to folks about the need to help fund the efforts of the Constitution Association. We failed to reach our goal, and fell short by quite a bit. I get it, everyone needs financial help with their organization, or effort. We live in the Obama-economy, so there is nothing left in our accounts. Everyone feels broke, and yet they still have to come up with money for Christmas Presents. And then they are supposed to have something left for their favorite political organizations?

But, understand that none of those organizations out there asking you for monetary assistance are as active as is the Constitution Association, or has the United States Constitution as the center of their agenda.

During the Giving Tuesday Pledge Drive, The Constitution Association received some one-time contributions, and added one more monthly pledge, and we are grateful for those of you out there that are dedicated to making the organization grow, and succeed in influencing the 2016 Election. If everyone Doug is in touch with gave $100, he'd reach half of the $5,000 goal for December in one shot. We'd be on the road to being able to pay for more equipment, T-Shirts, promotional materials, advertising, work towards putting the Constitution Classes online, begin the creation of online Constitution Courses, and increase video market and snail mail reach. The Constitution Association would be in position to begin reaching people not currently being reached. But, the organization can't do all these things without your help.

One more thing. Many of those organizations out there asking you for money fail to verbalize an appreciation for God's blessings, or recognize that it is because of divine Providence that we even have this wonderful country based on the philosophies of liberty in the first place.

My name is Douglas V. Gibbs, and I have been working for a decade on no budget, often spending more of my own money than I can afford, to accomplish what I am constantly being told can't be done. Frankly, I reject the pessimism.

My wife told me that she has watched me work with exhaust wracking my body. I have put it all out there. I keep telling my wife we are on the edge, we are almost there, it is almost time for us to reach a national audience and expand his efforts in ways that can influence elections, and restore the Republic.

She said to me, "All I know is that I appreciate that you have been doing what you do. I am not one to desire being out there where the public is watching me, and I prefer to stay behind the scenes. But one thing is for sure. I don't know how much longer we can do what you are doing without help, and without funding. We need to turn the corner NOW!"

The Constitution Association is growing by leaps and bounds, but with growth comes financial needs, and I believe it's an organization that can do good work, but it needs to be funded by the generosity of those who support the organization.

The Constitution Association has a real purpose. As Christians and Patriots, we need to do what we can to take the battle to restore the Republic to the next level. God calls us to give to those things that glorify Him, and His Plan. I believe it is in God's Plan to turn this country around. I believe God has been faithful to keep our efforts, and the Constitution Association, on track. Do you agree?

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and let me finish with one of my sayings. "United We Stand, Combined We Kick Butt."

But if we are not combined, and if we are not funded, the movement will stop before it can get off the ground.


Doug and Virginia Gibbs

P.S. Anyone that offers a monthly pledge of $25 or more per month will receive a copy of Doug's next book when it comes out, titled "Concepts of the United States Constitution." A monthly pledge of $50 or more will add to the book offer a copy of the Constitution Quest Game, as well. When you contribute, check mark the box for "recurring" payment, and your contribution will become a monthly pledge. If you offer a monthly pledge, please provide an email address and mailing address so that we may contact you, and mail the book and game to you at our earliest capability.

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