Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Year

by JASmius

....same as the last two, in all likelihood.  Like for instance, I just woke up five minutes ago and can't get back to sleep, and it's actually clear (and colder than a penguin's testicle) in the Puget Sound area, so of course that dad-blasted Aurora Borealis we were promised never showed up.  And as soon as I woke up, everybody else went to bed, evidenced by the fact that I can still whiff their vapor trails.  At least Mrs. Hard Starboard didn't hide the sparkling cider first.

Maybe that should be my 2016 resolution: to give fatalism a try, since some of you seem to believe I have a natural flair for it.  Even though I still don't see it, since what I did in the previous paragraph was effectively to celebrate that the class-3 solar magnetic storm coming our planet's way missed us instead.  Just like wealth and jobs and prosperity and national political sanity and any "special New Year's Eve activities"....because, you know, I fell asleep.

But if y'all insist on celebrating the dreaded arrival of 2016 in optimism and high hopes, please, feel free.  As my dear old dad always catch-phrased me when I was growing up, "You're gonna find out, you're gonna find out."

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