Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Constitution Association Weekly Meeting: Moving Forward

Constitution Association President Douglas V. Gibbs will be leading today's gathering to discuss the next steps in securing the Constitution Association's place in influencing the 2016 Election Season.

Here's today's agenda:

Constitution Association
Weekly Regular Meeting of the Board, and Associated Members
RJ’s Sizzling Steer, 41401 Kalmia Street, Murrieta, California

January 13, 2016

Board Members:

President: Douglas V. Gibbs
Vice President: Ed Mitchell
Treasurer: George Rombach
Secretary: Kat Guzman
Assistant Secretary: Jan Gray
Coordinator: Carla Schwietz

Advisory Board Members: Miles Gray, John Guzman, Cherie Steele, Rick Crippen, Lynn Crippen, Suzanne Rombach, Mike Trudell, Ruth Goulet

1.      Call to Order
2.      Opening Prayer
3.      Approval of Minutes
4.      Financial Report
5.      Articles of Association
6.      Declaration of Grievances and Intentions
7.      Comments about January 9 Monthly Meeting
8.      Plans for February 6 Monthly Meeting
a)      Speaker John L. Hancock
b)      Alternative venues
9.      July Annual Anniversary Banquet
10.  Gun Shows
a)      This Weekend’s Show in Costa Mesa
b)      Products
c)      Assistance
11.  Election Guide
12.  City by City Involvement
13.  Help with Meet-Up Online Tool
14.  Brochure and Flyers Distribution/Canvassing/Wal-Mart
15.  Funding, Equipment Needed
16.  General Discussion
17.  Closing Prayer

18.  Adjournment

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