Sunday, January 31, 2016

France Declares War On Israel

by JASmius

In the trademark French passive/aggressive fashion, of course.

Funny how nobody but us Zionists ever stops to think about the Israeli-"Palestinian" "problem" and exclaim, "Just who the hell do the Euros (and the Obamunists) think they are that they blatantly interfere in Israeli national sovereignty and dictate to the Jews what they can and cannot do on and with their own territory?  If any country or coalition tried pulling that anyplace else in the world, they'd be condemned as aggressors and ethnic cleansers and a great many other epithets.  But when the target is the Jews, somehow that's perfectly alright.

Well, okay, the "international community" did pull that on the Serbs in the late 1990s over Muslim Kosovo, to date the lowest, most shamefully infamous point in NATO history.  But what, in this case, the French are trying to do to Israel is even worse:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Sunday for a more "sober" approach towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in dismissing a French peace initiative as only encouraging Palestinians to shun compromise.

The proposal on Friday by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius for an international peace conference was the latest sign of Western frustration over the absence of movement toward a two-state solution since the collapse of U.S.-brokered negotiations in 2014.
Fabius said that if the French plan did not break the deadlock, Paris would recognise a Palestinian state.

Such a step would raise concern in Israel that other European countries, also long opposed to its settlement-building in occupied territory, would follow suit.

Think about that, folks.  The dynamic in the so-called Middle East "peace process" from day one a quarter of a century ago has been the "international community" bullying Israel into self-disembowelment of its meager territory in order to set up a "Palestinian" state inside its borders run by bloodthirsty jihadists who are bent on finishing the "Final Solution" Adolph Hitler started.  When the Israelis have meekly cooperated, no concession they have ever made has ever been enough, and the result has been one Intifada after another for which they get blamed by the "international community".  When the Israelis have justifiably balked, the "international community" issues economic and diplomatic threats, including recognition of a "Palestinian" state that does not and never will be allowed to exist as long as it would be populated and led by bloodthirsty jihadists.

It is an ongoing attempted mugging.  The "international community" makes no pretense of being balanced or even-handed but is blatantly pro-Pal and anti-Semitic, which sends and reinforces the message to the Pals that what they're doing - bloodthirsty jihadism - is working and being rewarded, incentivizing more of that same bad behavior.  That is all that Prime Minister Netanyahu is saying - that if there is to be a "two-state solution" and genuine peace (which is impossible, but work with me here), there must be expectations and requirements of the Pals as well as the Jews, and first and foremost among them is the immediate cessation of their institutionalized Jew-hatred and the violent jihad it breeds.  No such expectations or requirements are ever imposed on them because the "international community" is scarcely any less anti-Semitic than are the Pals.  And that's the problem, and why there can be no "Middle East peace".  It isn't Israel's fault, but nobody ever holds the Pals accountable.

But the French are so "frustrated" at this "lack of progress" that they're prepared to....reward the Pals for their bad behavior with full diplomatic recognition of a statehood that does not exist.  Laurent Fabius might just as well send a one-sentence telegram to Bibi that says, "Vas te faire encule, Juifs."

I'm sure the former IDF commando would be happy to respond in kind.

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