Friday, January 22, 2016

I Missed the Prayer Breakfast

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Yesterday morning Birth Choice Temecula hosted a Prayer Breakfast at Murrieta Hot Springs' Calvary Chapel Bible College.  I am a member of the board for Birth Choice.  I bought a ticket, and had two folks that bought a table wanting me to sit at their table.  I was ready for the event, and couldn't wait for it to be upon us.

I missed the event.

Almost two years ago I was injured in an accident, and yesterday morning a "pain event" prevented me from attending the prayer breakfast.  My back is not what it once was, and sometimes sciatic nerve pain makes it near impossible to go from the sitting to the standing position.  I still managed to teach my class in Temecula in the evening.

I bring this up to respond to challenges regarding my situation.  Local challenges have emerged targeting my health, and my handling of the situation surrounding my health.  I can't go into details because a court case remains in place and has yet to be settled.  However, I can confidently say this: Despite arguments to the contrary, my injuries are quite real, the pain I experience is real, and I have never taken one cent in disability money.

Any stories that say differently are untrue.

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