Sunday, January 03, 2016

Police That Turn & Run Away Will Never Fight On Any Day

by JASmius

Today's update on the lawless-and-disorder Left.

Remember when elected officials were exemplars of moral probity and upright, responsible citizenship?  Yeah, that memory is fading, even for me:

A Mississippi city councilman is under fire for calling for residents to throw things at police from neighboring jurisdictions entering neighborhoods in his district.

Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes told multiple news outlets recently that he is tired of police from neighboring areas chasing low-level suspects into Jackson and putting children in danger.

"Let's get rocks; let's get bricks, and let's get bottles," he told local station WJTV. "And we'll start throwing them, and then they won't come in here anymore."

He repeated the warning in an interview with the Clarion-Ledger newspaper in Jackson.

"When you have these police officers coming from other jurisdictions and they will not respect human life, then I said we should use rocks, bricks or bottles to try to get the message over: stop endangering our children," he said.

Yes, Councillor Stokes.... black.

The blowback has been epic:

"Law Enforcement will not be intimidated by you," Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker posted on Facebook. "Any Madison county law enforcement that is attacked because of your ignorant statements, I will hold you responsible. I fully intend to contact the (Mississippi) Attorney General and inquire if your statements constitute assaults on officers by threat."

Governor Phil Bryant called Stokes' remarks "reprehensible."

"This is nothing short of an outright assault upon all who wear the badge," Bryant wrote on Facebook. "I will be asking Attorney General Jim Hood to investigate whether Mr. Stokes' remarks represent criminal threats against law enforcement officers."

Apart from that, it's also clearly an attempt to impede legitimate law enforcement activities, since expecting officers from neighboring jurisdictions to circumnavigate his district is more than a little ridiculous, to say nothing of making his district a criminal sanctuary since if he had his way, it would be a police "no-go" zone.  All of which is supposed to show just how "racist" Mississippi still is to this day.

And that's not the worst "lawless and disorder" story of the day, either.  Because whereas Jackson police officers are being told where they cannot "advance," Airport cops at Chicago's O'Hare International are being told to run away altogether - and you can probably guess why:

Hundreds of police officers at one of the country's busiest airports say in the case of an active shooter, they are instructed to run and hide.

That's because these officers are unique among the nation's major airports: They don't carry guns.

Their badges, uniforms and vehicles all say "police." And they are certified police officers in the State of Illinois.

But these nearly three hundred aviation police officers, also known as aviation security officers, are not allowed to carry guns at Chicago's O'Hare and Midway airports.

The officers who are armed are from the Chicago Police Department, which is the primary law enforcement agency at O'Hare and Midway.

Who are also effectively being told to run away.

Internal aviation department documents obtained through department sources state, "If evacuation is not possible: hide."

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  Why not just plant the f'ing ISIS flag on top of the terminal and be done with it?

The blowback on this one is epic as well:

"We're nothing but casualties if you tell us to run and hide. And how can the public look at us if they see police officers running and hiding? That goes against the very oath we were sworn to that we took."...

Matt Brandon, secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union Local 73, which represents the aviation police officers, said....the union has been unable to get the aviation department to change the no gun policy, which dates to the early 1990s.

"They are the last resort to the airfield in many cases, and to have them unarmed is just, I think, it's ludicrous," he said....

Wayne Black, a Miami-based security expert, said it's absurd to deploy unarmed trained police officers at an airport.

"I've never heard of anything so crazy," Black said. "I mean, the concept in a post-9/11 world of having sworn law enforcement officers unarmed at an airport, not being able to take direct action -- I don't know what they are thinking."

They're "thinking" that guns are the "threat," not the jihadists who use them, that's what they're "thinking".  They're also thinking Paul Blart, Mall Cop is the new Walking Tall.  And I'm thinking that it is a major miracle on the order of the parting of the Red Sea that O'Hare International hasn't been under terrorist siege for the past quarter century.

"Who in their right mind would have sworn law enforcement officers wearing a sign on their back that says police and wearing a badge on their chest and being unarmed?" he asked.

Nobody.  Which should tell you all you need to know that this is leftwingnutism at its most lunatic.  And if it doesn't, that Mayor Raum Emanuel isn't under apocalyptic fire for this unconscionable outrage had better.

Exit question: When ISIS seizes O'Hare Field and beheads all three hundred of those unarmed cops, will he finally be forced to resign then or will he be about-facedly hailed by his detractors for resisting a mass outbreak of "Islamophobia"?

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