Friday, February 19, 2016


By Bonnie Parsley

What qualities should voters be looking for when choosing the President of the United States? At this moment in our history, choosing the right man for the job is essential to the survival of our country.  America is besieged by enormous problems and choosing the right person to lead this great nation is critical.

America needs a problem solver who understands how to bring people together.  We need to choose a president based on a person’s character, integrity, and steadfastness.  I believe that someone who has a proven record of staying calm in a life or death crisis, someone who has a record of leading a team to accomplish great things, and someone who will listen to the advice of others, would be the kind of person America needs.  We need a person who is a deep thinker, who is solutions oriented, and is a calm, reassuring presence for America. We need a person who is grounded in reality, truth, and goodness of heart.  We need someone with wisdom, humility, and courage.

We must not vote out of fear or anger. Consider very carefully your vote and base it on a calm, reasoned approach.  Think of the example George Washington set for the presidency, and vote for the individual who more closely fits his example. 


When, Republicans choose the individual we want to represent our party in the coming election, they must carefully assess a candidate’s character.  There are certain warning signs that should eliminate some candidates from consideration.  The following is a list of character flaws that must be unacceptable to the voters:

            1.  Arrogance: An offensive display of superiority or self-importance–overbearing pride.
            2.  Narcissism: A display of egotism--vanity.
            3.  Vengeance: The infliction of harm or humiliation in return for a perceived offense. 
            4.   Deception:  A false, misleading intent to deceive .
            5.   Thin-skinned: Sensitive to criticism, easily offended.
            6.   Rudeness: Disrespect for others, impolite, crude, lack of manners.
            7.   Impulsiveness: Given to rash behavior–acting out of emotion rather than deliberation.
-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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So "anybody but Trump," in other words.