Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Constitution Association Weekly Meeting, Murrieta, California

Constitution Association
Weekly Regular Meeting of the Board and Associated Members
Noon Each Wednesday
RJ’s Sizzling Steer, 41401 Kalmia Street, Murrieta, California
February 17, 2016

Board Members:
President: Douglas V. Gibbs
Vice President: Ed Mitchell
This Week’s Agenda                Treasurer: George Rombach
Assistant Treasurer: _______
Secretary: Kat Guzman
Assistant Secretary: Jan Gray
Coordinator: Carla Schwietz

Advisory Board Members: Miles Gray, John Guzman, Cherie Steele, Rick Crippen, Lynn Crippen, Suzanne Rombach, Mike Trudell, Ruth Goulet, Daniel Smith, Deanna Williams

1.      Call to Order
2.      Opening Prayer
3.      Approval of Minutes
4.      Financial Report
5.      Articles of Association
6.      Declaration of Grievances and Intentions
a)      Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor
7.      Monthly Meetings
a)      Jim Horn Cancelled March
b)      Set up GiGi
c)      Contact Don Dix for other recommendations for Sharia Discussion
d)      Founding Father of the Month
8.      Other Upcoming Events
a)      Exchange Club, Hemet, Anchor Restaurant, Thurs, Feb. 18, 12:00 pm – Guest Speaker
b)      Center for Self Governance, Temecula Public Library, Saturday, Feb. 20, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
c)      Center for Self Governance, Ben Clymer’s Body Shop, Riverside, Feb. 21, 1 pm – 7:30 pm
d)      California Republican Assembly Endorsing Convention, Buena Park, Feb 19-21
e)      Friendship Connection for Women, Mimi’s, McKinley, Corona, 11:30 am – Guest Speaker
f)       Back to Basics Forum, Temecula Creek Inn, Saturday, Feb 27 – Giving 2 Presentations
g)      March 19/20 Gun Show Del Mar – Cancel due to Unite IE Conservative Conference
h)      Unite IE Conservative Conference, Fox Theater, Riverside, Sat., Mar 19, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
i)        Birth Choice Birthday Bash Gala, Temeku Hills, Temecula, Saturday, April 23
j)      Constitution Association Annual Anniversary Banquet, July 9
k)        Constitution Day Picnic, Monday, September 19 at Knott’s Berry Farm Independence Hall
9.      Books
a)   Now: Concepts of the United States Constitution
b)   Next: Tyrant’s Guide to Killing Liberty
c)   2016: The Road to Hell
d)   2016: A Beginner’s Journey
e)   2016: The Presidents of the United States Through the Lens of the U.S. Constitution
f)   2017: A Patriot’s Guide Through the United States Constitution (Essays for a deeper understanding)
g)   2017: A Patriot’s Guide Through Madison’s Notes of the Federal Convention
10. Promotion (Flyers, Publications, Ads)
      a)   Delivery: Businesses, Libraries, Door to Door, Churches, Friends and Acquaintances
11.  General Discussion
12.  Closing Prayer

13.  Adjournment

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