Monday, February 08, 2016

"Free Palestine" Hacks, Loots Obama DOJ, DHS

by JASmius the White House's implicitly engraved invitation, of course.

Or, just another day at the Oval Office:

A hacker, who wishes to remain anonymous, plans to dump the apparent names, job titles, email addresses and phone numbers of over twenty thousand supposed Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employees, as well as over nine thousand alleged [Commissariat] of Homeland [Ins]ecurity (DHS) employees, Motherboard has learned.

The hacker also claims to have downloaded hundreds of gigabytes of data from a [Commissariat of Injustice, Revenge & Coverup] (DOJ) computer, although that data has not been published.


On Sunday, Motherboard obtained the supposedly soon-to-be-leaked data and called a large selection of random numbers in both the DHS and FBI databases. Many of the calls went through to their respective voicemail boxes, and the names for their supposed owners matched with those in the database. At one point, Motherboard reached the operations center of the FBI, according to the person on the other end.

One alleged FBI intelligence analyst did pick up the phone, and identified herself as the same name as listed in the database. A DHS employee did the same, but did not feel comfortable confirming his job title, he said.

And I'm sure "Free Palestine" appreciates Motherboard doing and confirming much of their due diligence on their intel haul, too.

I'd describe "Free Palestine's" motivations, but hell, you know and I know why they're doing this, and why the Obama Regime left the cyberwelcome mat out and the cyberporchlight  on, and how many FBI and DHS agents and personnel lives are already in jeopardy as a result.

But have no fear, my friends, because Chip Diller.... large and in charge in Lynchland:

Peter Carr, a spokesman for the [Commissariat of Injustice, Revenge & Coverup], said it did not think the hackers had managed to release “sensitive, personally-identifiable information”, and that if it discovered criminal activity it would press charges.

“The [commissariat] is looking into the unauthorised access of a system operated by one of its components containing employee contact information,” he told the Telegraph.

“This unauthorised access is still under investigation; however, there is no indication at this time that there is any breach of sensitive personally identifiable information.

....that they're willing to admit until after they've buried it and it's all blown over (i.e. when it's "old news").

“The [commissariat] takes this very seriously....


....and is continuing to deploy protection and defensive measures to safeguard information.

For show, as it's as much as eight months too late.

Any activity that is determined to be criminal in nature will be referred to law enforcement for investigation.”

Who may no longer even be alive to carry it out.  If, of course, there was any political or ideological motivation on the part of the Obama Regime to do so.  Which there's not.

Check off one more box on the list of cataclysms that are no longer seen as outrages, but as part of the "New Normal".  Remember when we hyperventilated over the disastrous Chi-Comm hack of thirty-two million OPM personnel and security dosiers?  Good times, good times.

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