Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gun Owner Stops Pennsylvania Teen Melee, Saves Police Officers

by JASmius

I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a National Rifle Association advertisement.

If it doesn't, it damn well should:

An after-school fight that left two police officers hurt and eight students under arrest was stopped by a man who stepped out of his suburban Philadelphia home carrying a handgun and ordered everyone to "back up," police said.

The melee erupted on Friday in an outdoor corridor used by about four thousand high school and middle school students. It is patrolled by eight officers during the school year.

An officer was called to break up a fight between two teens and after taking one into custody another jumped on his back, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said on Wednesday. The officer was next rushed by about forty onlookers.

Just then, a thirty-five-year-old man with a permit to carry a concealed weapon stepped into the fray. "He just told them, 'Back up.' They froze. More police came, and we were able to get it under control," Chitwood said.

I believe in the principle of an armed citizenry being a check against tyranny, though am dubious of the practicality of it in the twenty-first century, as the Bundy Gang found out the hard way.  But as a matter of day-to-day life in this country, isn't this thirty-five-year old Philadelphian what the Second Amendment is truly all about?

Well done, sir.  We salute you.

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