Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton Georgia Rally Gives Bum's Rush To #BlackLivesMatter Terrorists

by JASmius

Remember this incident from four months ago?:

Well, La Clinton Nostra sure as heck does, and they're not taking any chances:

Meagan Mwanda and Ashona Husbands never wanted to hold the Hillary Clinton sign in the first place.

Early Friday, the two Georgia State University freshmen walked to Atlanta’s City Hall to hear the Democrat presidential candidate. Last week, they attended a rally by Bernie Sanders at Morehouse College. They wanted a chance to size up [Mrs.] Clinton on Friday but say they didn’t get it.

Mwanda and Husbands claim they were kicked out of the rally for writing “Black Lives Matter” on the back of a [Rodham] sign.

“Why are these three words such a threat to her and her campaign?” Mwanda said.

I'm really torn on this one.  On the one hand, all you have to do is watch the above video to understand why "these three words" are such a threat to Her Nib and her minions.  But on the other hand, there was an arrogant level of presumptuousness that everybody that showed up for this royal appearance was ipso facto a Clintonoid, and weren't just anticipated as wanting to hold a "Ready For Hillary!" sign, but expected to do so.  Couldn't her flunkies have at least asked Miss Mwanda and Miss Husbands if they wanted her campaign placards before shoving them in their hands?  Or realized that maybe there are Donk voters still making up their minds between the Queen of Mean and Weekend Bernie and they might be there to reconnoiter rather than robotically cheerlead?

But on the third hand, while I understand the annoyance on their part, did Miss Mwanda and Miss Husbands really need to scrawl "#BlackLivesMatter" on the back of their signs, since they had to have had a pretty good idea of what would happen to them next?  Assuming they really were there to just listen to what she had to say? (Not that you could count on a single syllable of it, but work with me here....) And on the fourth and final hand, hasn't this incident pretty much made up their minds all by itself?  I thought Bitchzilla was counting enormously on dominating the black vote in order to eke out a nomination win over the ancient communist revolutionary (so as to make screwing Sanders with the Super Delegate WOE - weapon of mass election - unnecessary), all the more so because the Bern is cleaning up with Hispanics, if Nevada was any indication.

The core point here, if there is one, was that Meagan Mwanda and Ashona Husbands were NOT #BlackLivesMatter terrorists.  They're sympathizer at best, and had no intention of disrupting the Hillary Clinton rally.  But La Clinton Nostra prejudicially assumed that they were and did, and summarily bounced them out on the street.  As desperate as her campaign has become, can Mrs. Clinton really afford to backhand about the only Dem constituency whose majority support she still enjoys?

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Anonymous said...

There are dozens of stories covering this rally but not a single one corroborates this claim. With all of the cameras you'd think someone else would come forward. But no, the two 'victims' are the only witnesses to their own story. I call BS