Monday, February 08, 2016


By Allan McNew

There is a drive among those in the public eye to create a catch phrase or visual image to function as a brand or statement. Hugh Hefner sported an evening robe and a pipe; ZZ Top utilizes extra long beards, a hot car, and a hand gesture appropriated from Elvis Presley; Miley Cyrus twerks; Michael Jackson had one glove. The political realm includes “Government isn't the solution, government is the problem”; “Read my lips, no more taxes” ; “I feel your pain”; “Bring it on”; “Hope and change”. Sometimes it works, other times it collapses under absurdity.

Hillary Clinton has repetitively pounded the podium long, loud and hard to proclaim that having been born female and married to Bill Clinton requires the electorate to vote her to the Presidency. It seems that any time now she's going to kick the podium out of the way, shuck the pants part of her pantsuit, peel off the granny panties, thrust her hips towards the audience, point with both index fingers to her nether region - visual proof of being female - and shrilly yell “THIS IS GOING TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!”

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